28 Jun '17, 11am

Oscar’s Supercharged Sunday Brunch – Refreshed With Grilled Lobsters & Beef, Lechon & London Duck [3+1 Promo!] https://t.co/ADMNdBJnuc

From hard savoury to mild semi-soft cheeses, you get anything from Ireland’s farmhouse blue cheese Cashel Blue; cream-coloured buttery-soft Whole Brie from France; complex and full-flavoured Sparkenhoe Red Lester from United Kingdom; hard-salty Pecorino Romano and blue-veined Gorgonzola from Italy; and smoked caramel coloured San Simon and sweet-and-nutty Manchego Curado from Spain.

Full article: http://danielfooddiary.com/2017/06/28/oscarssundaybrunch/


10 At Claymore – Wagyu Beef, Lobsters & Oysters Buffet at S$98++ For 2 https://t.co/i9JEpte3QQ

10 At Claymore – Wagyu Beef, Lobsters & Oysters...

ladyironchef.com 28 Jun '17, 8am

It is time to feast again at Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore’s 10 at Claymore. The hotel’s star restaurant always surprises...