16 Jul '17, 11pm

Xin Shi Delights – Delightful Seafood Beehoon that You’ll Love https://t.co/WBZJraY4AG

The Lobster Seafood Beehoon comprises a full-grown lobster and 3 medium-sized prawns. We decided to top up $2 for extra lala, and were rewarded with 11 juicy lalas. The broth was robust and had an alluring sea tang to it. I liked that the bee hoon wasn’t over cooked, but had a texture that was just right. While the lobster wasn’t obscenely large, I thought that it was meaty enough. We found that the lobster was pretty difficult to deshell, even while using our hands. The flesh wasn’t as sweet and tender as we had expected. On hindsight, I liked that the prawns were fresh and crunchy. Desmond tells me that he stews the broth for up to 6 hours, and spends up to 2 hours in the morning preparing the broth, which he says is the most critical part of the dish. Another item (not really an item) worth noting is their chili which they get from a supplier. The chilli has been clever...

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