22 Jul '17, 11am

Mr Kneady’s – Affordable Hearty Handmade Sourdough Pizzas https://t.co/iJUP1Zb5aq

We tried the Space Odity ($12) which arrived piping hot with a crispy crust. According to Lionel, a sourdough base provides a chewier texture. The base of the pizza is neither too thin nor too thick, and the pizza retains a elastic, chewy texture in the middle. The pepperoni and salami was ever so savoury, and the thin slices meant that the top of the pizza was not swimming in oil. By the way, all ingredients including the tomato sauce are made by Lionel from scratch. The tomato sauce is slightly pulpy and has a light and refreshing texture which contrasts against the saltiness of the pepperoni slices.

Full article: https://www.misstamchiak.com/mr-kneadys/


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