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  • These noodles are indeed very VERY spicy. I think I added only a third of the sauce.

    Samyang Spicy Fried Chicken Ramyun 13 Dec '14, 3am

    Just for fun, I decided to post occassional reviews of the instant noodles I am currently eating and loving. Why not? Since instant foods are staples of a noob cook, I grew up on them (not milk, not rice) and still eat them frequently. I love to try out new flavours. I’ll start with t...

  • Thai Papaya Salad (Som Tam) Recipe - Noob Cook Recipes

    Thai Papaya Salad (Som Tam) Recipe 10 Dec '14, 8am

    (1) Green papaya (2) Japanese dried shrimps as a substitution for Thai dried shrimps and (3) gula melaka syrup as a short cut if you are lazy (like me) to melt the gula melaka (palm sugar) chunks in a saucepan. You can use honey instead, though to me gula melaka gives an edge of flavo...

  • NEW: Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef) Recipe link: Pin it: Click "Share" to save.

    Bulgogi Recipe | Korean Beef BBQ 20 Nov '14, 12pm

    My favourite meat at Korean BBQ restaurants has to be bulgogi or Korean grilled marinated beef . At buffets, that’s almost the only meat we take from the sumptuous spread of meats. The home-cooked bulgogi is even more enjoyable, as we get to buy a good cut of beef to cook with. This r...

    1. Black Pepper Beef Recipe 22 Nov '14, 8am
  • New #Recipe: #Ssamjang or #Korean spicy dipping sauce. Visit or clickable…

    Ssamjang Recipe | Korean spicy dipping sauce 17 Nov '14, 1pm

    Ready-made ssamjang is available at Korean supermarkets, but since I already have all the ingredients in my pantry, I make my own ssamjang only when needed, saving the precious fridge space from another random bottle of sauce. It’s really quick and simple too – it is non-cooking and t...

  • Chinese black pepper beef stir fry, #recipe at or clickable link on…

    Black Pepper Beef Recipe 22 Nov '14, 8am

    My family uses a combination of black and white peppercorns in our black pepper stir-fries, as we think that a mix of peppercorns taste better. You may always use all black pepper, if preferred. For best results, I buy whole peppercorns and grind or pound them to powder just before co...

  • NEW: Multigrain rice - healthier and tastier than white rice. Recipe link: Pin it:

    Multigrain Rice Recipe 18 Nov '14, 9am

    At home, we call this healthy mix of multigrain rice the ‘hamster rice’. Back when I had a hamster, I bought multi-grains as part of a replacement for the commercially sold hamster mix (too much artificial colouring). Knowing that hamsters are the most acute food connoisseurs and seei...

  • New #Recipe: Vietnamese summer rolls. Visit or clickable link on…

    Vietnamese Summer Rolls Recipe 21 Oct '14, 9am

    Ever since I learnt how to make my own Vietnamese fresh summer rolls , I have been making them endlessly. They are easy to prepare, healthy and makes a great low-fat/carb dish. While summer rolls are usually made with fresh prawns (shrimps), I love to use all sorts of fillings for the...

  • Okra (Lady Finger) with Sambal Belacan Dip 12 Nov '14, 12pm

    I’m back to blogging after a three-week break as I was on vacation. I’ll be cooking and posting more from now to make up for it. The very first dish I cooked upon coming home is this almost-too-easy-to-post steamed lady finger (okra) with a no-cook spicy sambal belacan dip

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