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A warm welcome! It's MY FOOD time. This is another interview in the MY FOOD online project. MY FOOD is part of my ongoing research into ...

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  • Ditch The Mayo For This Egg Salad

    tasteslikehome.org 28 Oct '17, 2pm

    Creamy with a hint of inherent sweetness, avocados make an excellent substitute for mayonnaise for certain salads. Coleslaw, tuna, potato, and egg salads are among my favorites to use this fruit as a cream-based dressing. Sometimes I add it 2 ways - as a dressing and as one of the mai...

  • Okra/Ochroe Fried Rice

    tasteslikehome.org 17 Aug '17, 7pm

    I don't know about you but I always find that the best tasting homemade Fried Rice is the one that you make when you are desperately hungry. It's the Fried Rice you make with whatever assortment of leftovers you have on hand. We are big rice eaters in the Caribbean so there is always ...

  • @glorspace Checked my ancient emails. Haven't seen exact recipe yet, but it was definitely Cynthia Nelson.

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

    tasteslikehome.org 25 Aug '17, 5pm

    pepper is another one of those things associated with the Caribbean. We use it widely in our cooking as an ingredient and when eating, as a condiment. We like pepper (all kinds) and we like it hot, heck we even serve pepper as a garnish that’s meant to be eaten. Just take a look at my...

  • Pan Seared Pork Chops

    tasteslikehome.org 31 Aug '17, 9pm

    Chops and steaks are quick-cooking cuts of meat; they are ideal for the stovetop or grill. These thin-cut pieces of meat are great for impromptu entertaining or weeknight meals. Seasoning is easy - use a marinade or your favourite dry rub, but honestly, salt and freshly ground black p...

  • Feasting At Easter

    tasteslikehome.org 10 Apr '17, 10pm

    Like Christmas, Easter is one of those occasions where people go all out on the food scene for the 4-day holiday weekend. Roasts and baked meats of a variety are on the table - ham, beef, chicken, pork and lamb. Breads, both sweet and savoury top the dining table too. Many of these th...

  • Barbados @ 50 - Ice Cream

    tasteslikehome.org 26 Nov '16, 10pm

    Just like the snow cone vendors that come through the neighborhoods on the weekends, so too do ice cream trucks, traversing the avenues and roadways of Barbados. The signature tune emanating from the loud speaker in the van heralds the arrival of the ice cream van. It is a slice of li...

    1. Barbados @ 50 - Rum Shops tasteslikehome.org 27 Nov '16, 10pm
  • Caramelized Onion Flatbread

    tasteslikehome.org 14 Mar '17, 11pm

    Many moons ago I came to realize that I have certain food phases; periods of time when I make variations of a particular dish. The phases come and go, sometimes quarterly and annually. I made this Caramelized Onion Flatbread when I was going through one of my flatbread phases a few ye...

  • Barbados @ 50 - Sweet Potato Pie

    tasteslikehome.org 06 Nov '16, 9pm

    is an everyday occurrence in Barbados that MUST still be on the table of any special occasion or holiday spread, Sweet Potato Pie is generally reserved for special occasions and holidays. Every now and then you'd find this cinnamon flavored savoury-naturally sweet pie at buffet lunch ...


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