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A warm welcome! It's MY FOOD time. This is another interview in the MY FOOD online project. MY FOOD is part of my ongoing research into ...

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  • Satisfying A Taste: Aniseed Biscotti

    tasteslikehome.org 14 Aug '18, 8pm

    The other day, a food-in (Guyanese term for foodie) friend was sharing with me the pleasures of eating Guyanese-style Aniseed Biscuits. I have to confess - my memory of the biscuit was not as vivid as his; I vaguely remember large brown flat biscuits with crinkled edges. The biscuits ...

  • Pepperpot & Garlic Pork!

    tasteslikehome.org 25 Jan '18, 2pm

    The key ingredient in pepperpot is cassava casareep, made from the juice extracted from grated cassava. It takes the juice of 60 pounds of grated cassava, boiled for hours to produce one-10oz bottle of casreep. The Indigenous peoples had no refrigeration and so they used casareep for ...

  • Hassar (Cascadura) - Not an ordinary fish!

    tasteslikehome.org 07 May '18, 7pm

    Johnson and the Cascadura is a fictional short story about a white Englishman, Garry Johnson, who went to Trinidad “to get background material for a book he was writing, on superstition and witchcraft.” While there, Johnson met an Indian girl, Urmilla, who worked on the estate where J...

  • (Criss) Cross Buns

    tasteslikehome.org 30 Mar '18, 10am

    Just as how the baking of Cross Buns is a yearly tradition for those that observe Lent and Easter, it has almost become a yearly tradition for me to tweak my Cross Buns recipe. I made some changes to my original recipe last year and was very pleased with the results - the buns are sof...

  • Crispy Okra Salad

    tasteslikehome.org 01 Jun '18, 2pm

    Apart from the obvious love and hate stance people take with okra/ochroe, there is a middle ground. The middle ground is where you find those people who would eat okra only if it is prepared in specific ways and in specific dishes. For example, my best friend will eat okra in Cornmeal...

  • Ditch The Mayo For This Egg Salad

    tasteslikehome.org 28 Oct '17, 2pm

    Creamy with a hint of inherent sweetness, avocados make an excellent substitute for mayonnaise for certain salads. Coleslaw, tuna, potato, and egg salads are among my favorites to use this fruit as a cream-based dressing. Sometimes I add it 2 ways - as a dressing and as one of the mai...

  • Rituals - the cake

    Rituals - the cake

    tasteslikehome.org 20 Dec '17, 2pm

    Saturday, 22 December 2007 Rituals - the cake Warning! Warning! DO NOT EAT AND DRIVE! I know, it's different from the usual Do Not Drink and Drive but I tell you, this should be a warning attached to all Christmas black cakes. This is a deep, dark and dangerously intoxicating cake tha...

  • Okra/Ochroe Fried Rice

    tasteslikehome.org 17 Aug '17, 7pm

    I don't know about you but I always find that the best tasting homemade Fried Rice is the one that you make when you are desperately hungry. It's the Fried Rice you make with whatever assortment of leftovers you have on hand. We are big rice eaters in the Caribbean so there is always ...


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