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The Food Nomads, a Singapore food blog founded in August 2011. Embark on a food adventure with us as we look for places to eat in Singapore. To crave, to ...

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  • @flairs Gyoza no Ohso at Cuppage also has amazing tenshinhan & gyoza+chahan. (portion is big again so order one)

    Gyoza no Ohsho @ Cuppage Plaza - The Food Nomads

    thefoodnomads.com 10 May '16, 3pm

    My friend, R had decided to bring us to one of his favorite venues to satisfy his craving for good Ramen . I have never been to Cuppage Road and as such, I was slightly amazed when my friends brought me to this small stretch of road beside Centrepoint. Having been more attracted to th...

  • La Cuisson @ Prinsep Street - The Food Nomads

    thefoodnomads.com 11 Jun '15, 8am

    Started out as a coffee shop stall along Queen Street, La Cuisson is one of the few success stories of our local culinary scene that has grown to the two- storey restaurant it is today. Tugging on heartstrings with its homely French bistro fare since its humble beginnings, the food he...

  • We would like to thank Jasper for his time for the awesome review. Cheers!

    WitBier Cafe @ Kandahar Street - The Food Nomads

    thefoodnomads.com 06 Jul '14, 12pm

    WitBier Cafe has been around for a couple of years and is well- hidden within the many competing bars, cafes and shops in Kampong Glam. A hidden gem indeed, WItBier was featured on an HungryGoWhere article as one of the five places to pay a visit to for affordable craft beers- notably...

  • my tearssssssssssssssssss

    Lime Restaurant @ Parkroyal on Pickering - The Food Nomads

    thefoodnomads.com 21 Jun '14, 3am

    The new Parkroyal on Pickering is colossal. A foyer rises a few stories to a ceiling of wavy inverted terrace in cream, gray, slate and sepia, the upper side of which becomes a podium that elevates the hotel blocks with yet more slender pillars. Forest canopies and shrubbery overrun e...

  • @leencnblue

    Dolce Tokyo @ 313 Somerset - The Food Nomads

    thefoodnomads.com 21 Jun '14, 1pm

    Whether is it a laid back Sunday afternoon or rush hour dinner, Dolce Tokyo offers much selection with its broad range of food choices. With its cafe-centric environment, it is one that is sure to become a hot favourite with students, working executives, housewives and the likes. Shou...


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