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  • #Luxury

    Modern Silk Shirt Collections : Bianca Chandôn

    trendhunter.com 12 Aug '18, 10am

    High-end women's clothing label Bianca Chandôn recently revealed a series of new designs that are ideal for celebrating the end of summer. Included in the release are a trio of silk shirts, which feature bold selections of color to provide any outfit with a seasonal pop. On the shirts...

  • #Luxury

    Luxe Plastic Bucket Hats : plastic bucket hat

    trendhunter.com 10 Aug '18, 10pm

    British luxury fashion house Burberry has just released a plastic bucket hat that's ideal for fans of the brand who have a love for its vintage beige, red and black plaid pattern, but are also looking for something a little more modern. With this in mind, the brand's creative team cam...

  • Extravagantly Deconstructed Sweater Designs : deconstructed sweater

    trendhunter.com 06 Aug '18, 10pm

    An unconventionally deconstructed sweater is fashion house Maison Margiela's latest contribution to the scene. The extravagant piece is the bare minimum as it presents a V-neck skeleton of a secondary layer. The offering for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2018 boasts 100% wool materials and...

  • Luxury

    Top 50 Luxury Fashion Ideas in August

    trendhunter.com 04 Aug '18, 3pm

    These August 2018 luxury fashion ideas incorporate everything from seasonal designer label collections and diamond-encrusted rapper chains, to painted artist apparel and creatively upcycled jewelry. One especially unique inclusion comes from the Unravel Project, which created a series...

  • Luxury

    Top 90 Luxury Trends in August

    trendhunter.com 05 Aug '18, 6pm

    Extreme opulence is extended to many products, services, accommodations, and automotives in the August 2018 luxury trends. Although many of these ideas are intended for consumers with plenty of disposable income to spend on designer labels, there's also inclusions like the fashion ren...

  • #Luxury

    Luxurious Multi-Experience Pop-up Boutiques : pop-up boutique

    trendhunter.com 04 Aug '18, 5am

    Luxurious Italian brand Fendi sets up an existing pop-up boutique within the premises of famous London department store Selfridges. The temporary shop combines multiple experiences that are specifically designed to engage the customer and give them a limited-time and one-of-a-kind exp...

  • Ultra-Luxe Golden Pizza Innovations : Golden Pizza

    trendhunter.com 01 Aug '18, 9pm

    A golden pizza comes into existence thanks to New York City-based Industry Kitchen. In the heights of luxury, this food innovation features a squid ink-infused dough and toppings of 24 karat gold leaves, morsels of Ossetra caviar, sliced truffles, white Stilton cheese and France's "mo...

  • #Fashion

    Playlist-Connected Sneakers : adidas' SPEEDFACTORY AM4MLS

    trendhunter.com 04 Aug '18, 2am

    adidas Soccer unveiled the adidas SPEEDFACTORY AM4MLS (Made For MLS) sneakers as part of a tribute to Atlanta and the celebration of the 2018 Major League Soccer All-Star Game, which will be hosted in the city. Just a month ago, local creators banded together to design the innovative ...