• Guess where Bill Porter traveled to? Exciting!

    Hermit – A Profound Documentary by Bill Porter |

    tsemrinpoche.com 22 Aug '18, 6pm

    “I can’t remember exactly, but it should have been in 1995. Her body was found here in 2009. As for how she passed away, the villagers down below knew she was missing for days, then they found her body below the cliff. People enshrined her body here sitting cross-legged. It was record...

  • Incredible story about this old hermit monk:

    The Jolenpa (Bodhisattva) Gen Nyima

    tsemrinpoche.com 03 Jul '18, 1pm

    At a later time, this lady and I had some differences and we decided to part ways. After we parted, I asked the Protector Dorje Shugden not to take trance in her anymore because it would be without proper supervision. After that, I was told by her friends and people at the centre that...

  • 1000-Armed Kuan Yin-Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery https://t.co/iHxMf6ppk2

    1000-Armed Kuan Yin-Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery |

    tsemrinpoche.com 24 Aug '18, 7pm

    Around 8 years ago in Singapore (Geylang), I happened across this Monastery by chance…I stopped the taxi and went inside to look…it was under massive renovations…but it had this huge Kuan Yin and I was so attracted…I wanted to visit the place again when it was done but for years forge...

  • Great Vegetarian restaurant – Anada Bhavan in Singapore! |

    tsemrinpoche.com 10 Aug '18, 4pm

    Eating vegetarian need not be confined to rich people only. In every race there are also vegetarian diet. May they be Western diet, Indian diet, Chinese diet etc. Sometimes a vegetarian dish can be very cheap and nourishing and affordable. The Indians eat curry cooked with vegetables ...

  • Spectacular Dorje Shugden Mural in Kathmandu, Nepal!

    tsemrinpoche.com 26 Jul '18, 1am

    It seems like I have been banned from the chat, so as a result, I would like to ask my questions here: "Comparatively, everyone can engage in protector practice without taking vows and tantric commitments." Wait, but how do protector practices not require vows? If one were to do the T...

  • A Sad State of Affairs

    tsemrinpoche.com 12 May '18, 4am

    Dear Nyingmapa, The distinction between a Buddha and an enlightened Dharma protector is actually from the side of the practitioner. Whereas the sadhanas and prayers to the Buddhas are meant to bring you to enlightenment, the practice of Dharma protectors are meant to clear obstacles a...

  • Dalai Lama’s sudden change of mind about China-backed Panchen Lama |

    tsemrinpoche.com 28 Apr '18, 6am

    Recent developments however, threaten the narrative that the CTA has maintained for so long. The CTA has long held that the Dalai Lama’s candidate, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima, is one of the world’s longest serving political prisoners. They say that the Chinese-backed candidate is a pretende...

  • Amazing Angkor: A Guide to the Buddhist Temples of Siem Reap

    Amazing Angkor: A Guide to the Buddhist Temples of Siem Reap

    tsemrinpoche.com 19 Jun '18, 10pm

    In 2007, an international team of researchers using satellite photographs and other modern techniques concluded that “Angkor had been the largest pre-industrial city in the world,” with an elaborate infrastructure system connecting an urban sprawl of at least 1,000 square kilometres t...