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  • These Whole Wheat Cinnamon Banana Pancakes are perfect for those busy mornings!

    Whole Wheat Cinnamon Banana Pancakes

    weelicious.com 21 Jan '17, 4pm

    This weekend my mother said to me, "I was an awful cook when you were 
little". I admit, part of that statement is true, but there were actually 
some things my mother made for breakfast that I loved. I was a bit of a garbage can as 
a kid, eating anything and everything on my plate, ...

  • Baked in this herby marinade, these chicken breasts come out of the oven moist, juicy and full of flavor!

    Lemon Herb Chicken

    weelicious.com 18 Jan '17, 2am

    I'm in desperate need of some new healthy recipes and so I've spent the first few weeks of 2013 working on a bunch of them. I love cooking with chicken breasts because in less time than it would take for me to go to the drive-through, and with very little work, I can transform them in...

  • Shaved Vegetable Salad | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 20 Jan '17, 1pm

    You wanna know a secret about me? I love transforming food. It's basically the mad scientist in me. There's truly nothing more fun and playful than taking a whole food like a fruit or vegetable and transforming it into something totally different and unique. It's part of the reason I ...

  • What's better than classic chicken noodle #soup? This one from @weelish looks SO good!

    Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 13 Jan '17, 10am

    How’s everyone feeling out there? Flu? Achy? Headache and chills? Over the past few weeks everyone in our family has been down for the count with runny noses and colds here and there. When we get sick and don’t really want to take medicine I reach for a few simple foods to heal us fro...

  • Carrot Chips

    weelicious.com 07 Jan '17, 9pm

    These worked out pretty well. My oldest probably downed a large carrot on his own today. Yay! Little one ate more carrots than she otherwise would have, too! Kind of time consuming, but worth it! (Approximately an hour all together?) I did 250 degrees on convection (which would be 275...

  • 9 Soups to Make and Freeze | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 07 Jan '17, 1am

    It finally hit below 50 degrees in LA this weekend which is as close as it gets to chilly. We bundled up in cozy sweaters, fuzzy socks, lit a big fire, played games and were happy as clams. It was also the perfect opportunity to dig in the refrigerator for any and everything I could f...

  • These fish tacos make for a fantastic and extremely healthy recipe to serve to a crowd!

    Fish Tacos | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 05 Jan '17, 2am

    My husband didn't start eating tacos until he was in college. He told me that the just the word "taco" used to make him ill when he was a kid because the only tacos he knew were the ones they served in his school's lunchroom: a hard shell that tasted like cardboard, greasy Sloppy Joe ...

  • Cheese Omelette

    weelicious.com 02 Jan '17, 5pm

    It's funny to me how one day Kenya has no interest in a certain food and the next he can't get enough of it. Two months ago, right after his 1st Birthday, I made him an omelette. I had seen my friend Diane giving one to her son and he was lovin' it. That afternoon, I made a gorgeous f...


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