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  • Salmon Sheet Pan Dinner | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 23 Jun '16, 3pm

    In the summertime my willingness to spend hours in the kitchen decreases, majorly! I was quickly reminded of this fact on Monday when it was 105 degrees and the idea of making an involved dinner was not on my list of want or have to’s. At this time of year I want Kale Avocado , Lemony...

  • Italian Asparagus Sticks will get gobbled up in no time flat!

    Italian Asparagus Sticks

    weelicious.com 23 Jun '16, 12am

    First and foremost, weelicious is about recipes for kids -- or at least that was the intention when I started this website for little ones almost four years ago. I dreamt of coming up with meal ideas that would appeal to kids and inspire them to eat foods that are not only good for th...

  • 10 Easy Vegetarian Entrees | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 20 Jun '16, 3pm

    Today as I walking through the farmers market admiring all of the gorgeous summer fruits and vegetables I realized just how fulfilling vegetarian cuisine can be. My son has been a vegetarian for two years and my husband eats vegan most days (although I can always tempt him with a good...

  • Lemon Lobster Rolls feel like the perfect dinner for the first official day of Summer!

    Lemon-Scented Lobster Rolls

    weelicious.com 22 Jun '16, 1am

    Food fads are a funny thing. Recipes can be around for centuries, but leave it to a talented, enterprising chef to revive or reinvent one and the world seems to react as if they'd discovered something utterly new. Think back to the cupcake shop craze, the long lines outside of Pinkber...

  • Red, White, and Blue parfaits #recipe + #video for 4th of July!

    Red, White and Blue Parfaits | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 21 Jun '16, 4pm

    I can’t believe that the Fourth of July is right around the corner! Whenever we’re getting close to celebrating a major holiday I get excited about what I’m going to make. Watch this Red White and Blue Parfaits video for a fun breakfast or snack you can enjoy this Fourth! The best par...

  • 11 Recipes to Cook for Dad on Father's Day | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 13 Jun '16, 4pm

    I feel like a lucky lady to have so many incredible men in my life. My husband is the most incredibly dedicated, loving, playful, happy father to our three beautiful children. I marvel at his amount of patience, never ending energy for playing whatever they desire and tender love that...

  • Whitefish and Crispy Avocado Tacos: If there’s one smell that transports me to another country it’s tacos! Th... https://t.co/9qRgFZa73C

    Whitefish and Crispy Avocado Tacos | Weelicious

    weelicious.com 16 Jun '16, 4pm

    If there’s one smell that transports me to another country it’s tacos! The smell of fresh tortillas when they’re warmed is as intoxicating to me as a Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake right out of the oven. When I was in 7th grade I was an exchange student living in Mexico with a family who ...

  • This Delicious Mu Shu Chicken #recipe is quicker & healthier than take out! #SundaySupper

    Mu Shu Chicken

    weelicious.com 19 Jun '16, 1pm

    When I lived in New York in my late teens, I was introduced to a whole new world of food. New York is an amazing city for countless reasons, but one of the greatest is knowing that no matter what you crave, a dizzying array of cuisines are available to you 24 hours a day. The city is ...


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