26 Jan '18, 8am

Tim De Cotta speaks on the merits of staying independent

Tim De Cotta speaks on the merits of staying independent

In 2018, the discerning person is even more sensitive to cheap tricks and gimmickry. Tim De Cotta has dedicated his life to ensuring that the music he makes is devoid of easy compromises and please-everyone cop-outs. That’s why he’s so beloved. Then, there’s the matters of his astounding talent. He’s a rare one – able to square his own vision of music with the circle of his reverential love for the canons of hip-hop, funk and soul. In 2017, he released one of the best records of the year in The Warrior and now, he’s got a new heartwarming love letter of a single out called “Dreams” , which, if you’re attending the Laneway Festival Tomorrow , you’ll hear in its many-splendoured live glory. What follows is an inspiring chat we had with him about the love of his life and his stance on staying independent.

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