12 Feb '18, 8am

Obey calls out ignorance and hate in “Civil Disobedience” series https://t.co/YsnUCVZrRe

Like the punk rock bands that set the tone before them, Obey was born out of malcontent and informed rebellion. Rather than using bricks and bats, founder Shepard Fairey has used paint and a spray can as his weapons of choice, using art as a vehicle to convey difficult ideas and stifled voices, while building a brand that promotes dialogue. In its continued mission of dissidence and awareness, Obey’s latest series, “Civil Disobedience”, once again puts ignorance and hate in its cross-hairs, in collaboration with punk art surrealist Winston Smith and graphic artist Jeremy Dean.

Full article: https://juice.com.sg/obey-civil-disobedience-awareness-t-...