28 Mar '18, 6pm

Friday, join @SeattleOpera for a community conversation on Black inclusion at the opera in other performing arts:

Cultured Conversations: Black Inclusion at the Opera Friday, March 30 at 7PM Seattle Opera Studios | 200 Terry Avenue, Seattle ChrisTiana ObeySumner, a social impact consultant for Seattle Opera, is leading conversations on Black representation and inclusion this spring and summer during the company’s presentations of Aida and Porgy and Bess. “Cultured Conversations: Black Inclusion at the Opera," is a free forum open to individuals who identify as Black* with an interest in theater, classical music, the performing arts, and especially—opera. Participants will be able to speak freely and share ideas in this safe space for people of color. Topics will include Black representation onstage and behind the scenes, various ways to get involved with the art form, and potential steps toward a future for opera that centers people of color. *This forum will seek to intentionally cen...

Full article: https://seattleopera.org/blackinclusion


Friday Hack Chat: Simulating Analog

Friday Hack Chat: Simulating Analog

hackaday.com 28 Mar '18, 4pm

Simulation is a valuable tool for any hardware developer. Instead of building hardware for a long debugging session, you c...