25 Jul '11, 7am

[FILM] Chick flick? Nope, but Bridesmaids is full of raw, crude & random humor:

If you’re thinking of writing this one off as a chick-flick, don’t. The premise, of course, is girly, but all the humor is perfectly unisex, thanks to comedic genius Kristen Wiig. Wiig’s character, Annie, has hit rock bottom, her bakery’s gone bust, she’s parted ways with her boyfriend, she’s in debt, and lives with a weird British brother and sister pair who read her diary and wear her clothes. The only thing keeping Annie afloat is her best friend Lillian (played by Saturday Night Live co-star Maya Rudolf) who informs Annie that she’s getting married, and that Annie is to be her maid-of-honor. Disaster ensues, as Annie’s own life, which is already falling apart, unravels even further before the monster that is wedding planning. There’s nothing particularly unpredictable about Bridesmaids but it’s written with a great deal of originality and intelligence. Nothing about th...

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Ms Kopisoh.She is my best girlfriend.Though I may not be her best friend, her laughters & jokes make me happy. She's like ...