23 Jul '18, 6am


Professor Tan Huay Cheem is Singapore's renowned specialist in cardiology. In his medical practice, he tries to treat every patients with kindness and sees saving lives as his personal responsibility. In the talk, Prof Tan will share the ups and downs of his medical career, why he chose to be a cardiologist, his thoughts on treating patients and the touching stories of some of them. He will also talk about his experience in setting up the NUHCS and his diligent literary contribution to Lianhe Zaobao's column. 陈淮沁教授是本地心脏科权威,从医以来,他仁心仁术,妙手回春,以救死扶伤为己任。讲座上,陈教授将分享医路的艰辛,选择心脏科的初衷,这些年来的从医心得,与病人间的冷暖故事,建立国大心脏中心的体会,以及孜孜不倦在联合早报《医生执笔》专栏,撰写至理至性医学散文,并出版文集的写作历程。 Speaker: Professor Tan Huay Cheem , Director, National University Heart Centre, Singapore (陈淮沁教授, 新加坡国立大学心脏中心主任) This talk is part of the ZB Happy Read @ NLB series.

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