26 Jul '18, 11am


Gregory Scruggs: Architects and urban planners champion African design influence from Wakanda to White House: Africatown, a not-for-profit venture [in Seattle] seeking to restore black identity in a historically...African-American neighborhood undergoing gentrification...For Walter Hood...demographic shifts are a clarion call for black urban communities to imbue their surroundings with a recognizable heritage...“If they thought Wakanda was incredible, then why not teach it in school, create those design languages...don’t just give British and French beaux-arts, give the African option too,” said [Nigerian-American urban planner] Nmadili Okwumabua.

Full article: http://www.archnewsnow.com/news/news_2018_07_25.htm


An intriguing and contrary take on SF's infamou...

archnewsnow.com 13 Jul '18, 7pm

There is no dispute, however, that Millennium Tower has sunk more than predicted. Most foundations settle during construct...