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My paternal grandmother and I have never really talked. This isn’t due to any personal acrimony; it’s just the usual generation gap, made all the more difficult as neither of us properly speak the language that the other person is most comfortable with. I live in the world of the English language; my grandmother’s native tongue is Teochew, though like many Singaporeans of her generation (she’s in her late 90s), she also speaks a muddle of other local languages: fluent enough Cantonese and Malay to carry on extended conversations, a decent command of Mandarin (thanks to several decades of watching TV shows on Channel 8, I suspect) and a smattering of English.

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Google Displays AMP Icon Within Story Image

Google Displays AMP Icon Within Story Image

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Google is showing the AMP icon in the carousel within the story image, as opposed to outside of the story image. You can s...


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The Little Prince: Behind the Story

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written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the exhibition celebrates the 75th anniversary of the publication. Discover how the w...