24 Jan '11, 2pm

Timbre Rock & Roots 2011 #clubbing #events

Timbre Rock & Roots’ programming crown this year surely goes Bob Dylan , celebrated poet, artist, singer, writer, actor and radio announcer. From being hailed as the definitive songwriter of the ’60s protest movement to alienating his folkie-audience by recording an electric album to his continual re-invention of himself, the creation of timeless classic songs: ‘Blowin’ In The Wind’ – ‘All Along The Watchtower’ – ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ – ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ – ‘Hurricane’ and so many, many more. Dylan’s career span more than 50 recorded albums over six decades, is listed in Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Important People of the Century’, a seventeen-time Grammy® Award winner and recipient of a Academy Award – presents a deceptively simple proposition. To keep performing where he is most comfortable: on stage year after year.

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