06 Sep '11, 10am

[NEWS] Thai chefs serve up a storm at Swissotel's Kopi Tiam through Sep 11: #dining

Visiting chefs Prinya Somkwarmkid and Udom Phophra from Swissotel Nai Lert Park, Bangkok, are in town from now till September 11 for a short stint at Kopi Tiam . Sure, there's bound to be phad thai, but for something different, give the gang phed ped yang ( a roasted duck curry with lychees) a go. If it's good enough for the Thai Royal Family, it's good enough for us.

Full article: http://is.asia-city.com/restaurants/news/thai-royalty-vis...


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[Daily Blog Reads] Why must we serve?

[Daily Blog Reads] Why must we serve?

randyys.blogspot.com 11 Sep '11, 4am

Bro and me! So don't feel like booking in later! I miss Tekong! Posted by Randyys at 12:32 PM ✎ Leave a comment!