30 Oct '11, 2am

Looking forward to my first gig in Singapore this Friday

"But I always say, One's company, Two's a crowd and Three's a Party." - Andy Warhol Presenting Third Party, a collaboration between Velvet Underground and Darker Than Wax. Conceived by Velvet Underground resident DJ Jeremy Boon and the Darker Than Wax team (Funk Bast*rd and Kaye), brace yourselves for a multi-sensorial experience like no other. Start your night with a soulfully scintillating appetizer of live, remixed interpretations by guest musicians and vocalists that you will find strangely familiar, followed by a robust musical main course of live electronic music by a carefully hand-picked guest performer. Finally, finish off with a full-on sonic assault to cleanse your aural palate by the aforementioned Third Party creators who'll end your night with a mighty mix of Sax, Leftfield House, and other assorted cosmic sounds that will leave you hungry for more. The speci...

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Zouk – Promotions & Events (November 2011) #clu...

e-clubbing.com 31 Oct '11, 2am

Two years on. Midnight Shift is proud to present its first collaboration with music institution, Zouk, and a long-awaited ...



zoukclub.com 24 Oct '11, 3pm

French producer/DJ Brodinski kicked off his music career in 2007 with the hit single "Bad Runner" on the Mental Groove lab...

[Daily Blog Reads] Swatch x Zouk

[Daily Blog Reads] Swatch x Zouk

sophiewillocq.blogspot.com 27 Oct '11, 3pm

Went for the Swatch launch at Zouk a while back! (this is way overdue) I own a Swatch watch (I find they're good for casua...

Pantha du Prince @ Zouk

Pantha du Prince @ Zouk

juice.com.sg 10 Nov '11, 9am

Hendrik Weber, better known as Pantha du Prince is a German ambient techno maestro of the highest order. Straddling Detroi...