21 Nov '14, 10pm

a goody by Fred Bernstein...one of my faves: ArchNewsNow

What can be done to avoid letting the foothills block the mountain? Assuming it’s not too late, the city should limit new construction for a mile around the ESB, to 1,000 feet. (It’s true that a building doesn’t have to be higher than the Empire State Building to hide it. When the fussy Republic Bank building at Fifth Avenue and 40th Street was erected in the 1980s, it was reviled, and rightly so, for blocking views of the Empire State Building from much of upper Fifth Avenue. A law that varies height limits according to distances from the ESB would be a more nuanced solution.)

Full article: http://www.archnewsnow.com/features/Feature461.htm


5K Goody Bags

5K Goody Bags

pbfingers.com 20 Nov '14, 7pm

Today is flying by! I am in a bit of a rush since I have to head out the door to coach Girls On The Run soon, but I wanted...

LOTD: Esqido Lashes & Recent Faves Chat

LOTD: Esqido Lashes & Recent Faves Chat

retailtherapy.onsugar.com 21 Nov '14, 2am

So I realised that I have all these tubes and tubes of BB base, BB sunscreen base, all sorts of BB goodness in my stash, a...

Solar Fred Marketing Tip: Clarity Trumps Everything, Even Brevity and Typos

Solar Fred Marketing Tip: Clarity Trumps Everyt...

renewableenergyworld.com 19 Nov '14, 4pm

According to a recent survey of consumers, clarity trumps everything when it comes to company communications, and that’s v...