26 Nov '14, 12am

#WinChristmas With @Mulberry_Editor #Christmas #mulberry

#WinChristmas With @Mulberry_Editor #Christmas #mulberry

To celebrate the pleasure of giving, Mulberry has kicked off its Christmas season with a short film showing exactly how you can get that fairy-tale reaction on December 25 – by giving a Mulberry gift of course! Watch as a roster of out of this world gifts are presented to a lucky girl by her family on Christmas Day, before Grandma steals the show and wins Christmas with a present of her choice. Check out the film below… There is something for everyone in Mulberry’s new collection of Christmas Gifts, from the very small to the very special, from the brightly coloured to the classically elegant. There are perfect presents for boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends, goddaughters, brothers, sisters, grandmothers, and not forgetting your favourite four-legged friends.

Full article: http://wardrobetrendsfashion.com/winchristmas-mulberry/


At Mulberry Opening in Singapore (Oct 25)

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