21 Dec '14, 2am

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The Veuve Clicquot Rosé Scream Your Love megaphone and champagne accessories, celebrate love in the most audacious way possible. The idea for the megaphone has its roots in Japan. In a country where the culture is more emotionally reserved, the Scream Your Love campaign, allowed men to boldly express their feelings to their partners via a megaphone. Veuve Clicquot adhered immediately to the concept affectionate shouting. The Scream Your Love themed champagne accessories have been designed to turn up the volume and the expression of amour . The reusable Rosé bottle carrier can serve as a waterproof ice bucket, or be converted into a lover’s megaphone. Alternatively you can go the whole nine yards and opt for the gifting box which contains the ice bucket/megaphone, a bottle of Rosé, and two flutes to allow for more portable love exchanges. The Scream Your Love megaphone chil...

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Google Scream Room

Google Scream Room

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Even Googlers need to let it out sometimes. Here is a sign posted in one of the Google offices. It reads, "Primal Scream R...