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@Minisy_ IKR i want similar but chinese/english ntu nus have but the gpa... T.T anyway laselle? hahaha music

Evidence of regular arts experience/ involvement through practice, studies or work in the past two years (Note: arts experience includes formal music qualifications – ABRSM, dance qualifications – RAD, CSTD, ATOD. GCE A levels Art or evidence of participation in AEP/CCA arts groups, performances or volunteer work done with arts organisations or writing/publications – short stories, poetry, or design work, film production, etc). You are required to attend an interview and take a written test conducted by the Arts Management Programme lecturer. You are required to submit a 500 word personal statement explaining why you are interested in studying Arts Management

Full article: http://www.lasalle.edu.sg/admissions/bahons-admissions/en...


Free entry into Sentosa for SG50

Free entry into Sentosa for SG50

events.insing.com 16 Mar '15, 9am

Visitors walking into Sentosa via the broadwalk near VivoCity mall, may now enjoy free entry all day till the end of the y...