19 Aug '15, 6am

BUT the Sajeev Photo Studio @ Objectifs = SUPER GOOD. Must go.

BUT the Sajeev Photo Studio @ Objectifs = SUPER GOOD. Must go.

On a little street called Kerbau Road in Little India, stands Sajeev Digital Photo Studio, a quaint little photo studio run by 49 year old photographer K. Sajeev Lal with his wife Sheeja Shaj. For the past 13 years, young male foreign workers from Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, one or two years into their labour contracts in Singapore, flock here to get their portraits taken by Sajeev. They have a choice of traditional scenic backdrops or new digital backdrops of Singapore and its icons montaged by Sajeev. Once dressed, posed and photographed, the portraits are then sent, in the old days in 4R/5R prints costing $15–20, to the young men’s parents back home in South Asia to look for brides. “Now they all want digital files. The internet and email are now popular. They give us their email and we send the pictures to them.” Sheeja mentions. The photo studio went full digital in 2006.

Full article: http://www.objectifs.com.sg/sajeev-photo-studio/


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Photo - Show of Force

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