25 Sep '12, 9am

@B2stfreak. @nicole_liew Imperfect!! Gonna watch it rite after the exam!

**IMPERFECT is re-releasing with reduced violent scenes from the former NC 16 version, the movie is now rated PG13. Jianhao, Zach and Square are buddies, who spent most of their time together, going through thick and thin. The trio was forced to separate, when Jianhao was sent to a Boys Home after hurting someone in the course of protecting Zach. Jianhaos mother - Huifang was devastated. After his term at the Boys Home, Jianhao doesnt want to continue his studies. Afraid that Jianhao will get into trouble again, Huifang arranged for him to help out at her stall in Bugis. The relations between the mother and son deteriorated due to Jianhaos rebellious streak. Fortunately, Jianhaos young step-sister, Xin Xin managed to soothe the clashes between him and Huifang and with the encouragement of his girlfriend - Shan Shan, Jianhao decided to retake his O level. Everyone is happy ...

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