04 Nov '16, 4am

【クリスマスライトアップ】 期間:11月12日(土)~1月2日(月) 会場:オーチャードロード 初日12日(土)15時~23時はオーチャードロード(ION-パラゴン)が歩行者天国に。 https://t.co/jLE825ioDp

Joy is evoked through sharing warm and delightful experiences with one another. Many of us are joy-seekers and live for the moments that make our hearts full. In annual tradition, the Orchard Road Business Association (ORBA) celebrates Christmas with this year’s theme “Spread the Joy”. Inspired by celebratory elements of confetti and light rays, the trees, overhangs and sidewalks along Singapore’s Great Street are adorned with glowing reindeers and sparkling stars. As you immerse yourself in the many shopping delights and experiences on Orchard Road, take time to visit the 5 unique and interactive installations which require hands-on interaction with your loved ones. This is the season to be joyful, to emanate love and to celebrate happiness with everyone. ORBA wishes one and all a Joyful Christmas and Happy New Year.

Full article: http://www.orchardroad.org/christmas/info