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새로 업그레이드된 싱가포르 국립도서관 앱. 싱가포르에 있을때 정말 자주 다니고 책도 많이 빌려봤는데. 일본은 생각보다 도서관 퀄러티나 서비스가 만족스럽지 않음ㅠㅠ https://t.co/8j91hhOubB

Introducing the all new NLB Mobile app Your personal companion to reading on the go and all things library - anytime, anywhere. Watch this video New Features Other Features FAQ × Read on the go! Borrow eBooks from our wide range of titles and read them on your mobile. Borrow with NLB Mobile Scan the barcode and borrow the book instantly! Bookmark your favourites Keep track of your favourite books with Bookmarks . Pay your fees online You can use your debit/credit card to pay outstanding fees via Paypal. Other useful features not to miss: Track library accounts for your whole family in one app. Keep your profile up-to-date. Renew and reserve of library items. Check out our latest books. Get book recommendations in "Books for You". Search for books, eBooks and audio/visual items. Locate nearby libraries. Register for events at the libraries.

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