15 Nov '16, 6am

Best friends are a magical thing...but GIRLFRIENDS are on a whole new level. #girlpower

Best friends are a magical thing. This is the person who deserves you at your best, and you also trust with seeing you at your worst – like when you're drowning in the emotional after effects of a bad break up, or after you've had too much to drink. As lovely as the story about how you met your boyfriend is, nothing is more precious than how you met your best friend(s). These are stories of how some ladies found their friends and how their relationships turned into unbreakable sisterhoods. Natasha, 19, student "I met Iffah in primary school and our moms were both parent volunteers. When our mothers got closer, naturally so did we. The moment I knew she really was my BFF was when we were in primary five. There was a boy named Gordon who would always piss me off, and one day she slammed him against the noticeboard to stop him from doing it again. We were 11, and it was lame,...

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