19 Nov '16, 3pm

should i apply for this lol i barely make the conditions though

If you are an experienced vocalist or chorister aged 18-28, we want you! The Singapore Symphony Youth Choir will award the distinguished SSYC CHORAL DISTINCTION PROGRAMME to 6 outstanding youths and young-adult vocalists. Come audition with us if you are aged 18 to 28 and possess one or more of the following skills/experiences: - Studied in a music conservatory - Conducted choirs (Past or present) - Sang in an established choir for at least 4 years - Studied voice privately for at least 3 years This prestigious programme offers the recipient the title of "Choral Award-holder" of the Singapore Symphony Youth Choir. The recipient will also enjoy the following benefits: Annual waiver of all training, rehearsal and concert fees Choral Award-holders will have their participation fees with the Singapore Symphony Youth Choir waived for the entire year. Solo Performance Opportunit...

Full article: https://www.sso.org.sg/page.php?CategoryID=394


Orchestra Positions for SSO!

sso.org.sg 17 Nov '16, 5am

Established in 1980, the Singapore National Youth Orchestra (SNYO) is the premier youth orchestra in Singapore dedicated t...

Barely-There GSM GPS Tracker

Barely-There GSM GPS Tracker

hackaday.com 19 Nov '16, 12pm

What’s the most un-intrusive GPS you’ve ever seen? How about for a bike? Redditor [Fyodel] has built a Teensy-based GPS/GS...