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Leong Seng Ngian, Ng Seng Choy and family

Leong Seng Ngian, Ng Seng Choy and family

The tomb belongs to Leong Seng Ngian and family, and the tombstone was cleaned up sometime this year. Leong Seng Ngian was a proprietor of a goldsmith business, while his son-in-law Ng Seng Choy was a banker, Municipal Commissioner and helped form the Island Country Club. Read about the lives of these families

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#ittakestwo NG 3 (Bloopers)

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Fishball noodle stalls Hao Ji and Niu Ji are keen competitors in a hawker centre. Hao Ji is managed by husband and wife te...

mrbrown.com: Twilight: Breaking Ng

mrbrown.com: Twilight: Breaking Ng

mrbrown.com 21 Nov '12, 4am

Former CNB Director Ng Boon Gay complains that CPIB interrogation techniques are "wholly inappropriate" & "appalling & una...

Looks like the #SGBreastfeedingboys got outed by the detectives of EDMW/@HardwareZone: #singapore

Looks like the #SGBreastfeedingboys got outed b...

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Quote: UPDATE #1.10 90% Confirmed. Ruzbeh & Kum Seng is in EAST VIEW SECONDARY SCHOOL Quote: UPDATE #1.20 Facebook sources...

Chye Seng Huat (from @sixpegs blog)

Chye Seng Huat (from @sixpegs blog)

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And finally, one of your favourite reads at my website – cafe reviews! A and I heard so much about Chye Seng Huat Hardware...