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  • Zouk – Promotions & Events (May 2016) |

    e-clubbing.com 28 Apr '16, 2am

    25 years came too soon but all the more to celebrate! This night, Zouk celebrates her silver jubilee, commemorating 25 years of delivering top notch dance music. We take the silver in our jubilee literally, by cladding Zouk in a multiplicity of silver. Witness the transformation as yo...

  • Live Nation Lushington Announces Tegan And Sara – Live In Singapore https://t.co/m44Fq4SVPV

    Live Nation Lushington Announces Tegan And Sara – Live In Singapore

    e-clubbing.com 23 Apr '16, 6am

    were born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1980 and began playing guitar and writing songs at age 15. Following the release of their first independent full-length album in 1999, Under Feet Like Ours, they caught the attention of Neil Young’s iconic manager, Elliot Roberts, who quickly s...

  • Zouk – Promotions & Events (April 2016) |

    e-clubbing.com 30 Mar '16, 2am

    With a concept inspired by the idea of creating a tried and tested formula for the best parties, AOS was formed consisting a six man music collective comprising of DJs and MCs. For this installation, Velvet Underground ‐ Dance presents Andrew T, Tang and MC J. As one of Singapore’s mo...

  • Zouk – Promotions & Events (March 2016) |

    e-clubbing.com 28 Feb '16, 2am

    As hot as the Sahara and standing every bit as tall as pyramids, they’re the single most successful group to have emerged from the spiritual lands of Egypt. From the Med to the Red and from up high in Cairo, to down deep in the Sinai, they’ve built an immense, ultraloyal incountry fol...

  • Raw Earth Seeks Young Talent For Byron Bay Bluesfest 2016 At Timbre

    e-clubbing.com 26 Feb '16, 5am

    “This opportunity at Bluesfest 2016 comes once in a blue moon and is already a phenomenal occasion for the band. However, the tour experience would be so much more fulfilling if this dream opportunity can also be extended to a blossoming Singapore musician. We went through and underst...

  • Zouk – Promotions & Events (February 2016) |

    e-clubbing.com 30 Jan '16, 2am

    Rave Republic, established 2014, is already holding/held club residencies across Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Manila with more in the pipeline, waiting to be announced. Rave Republic is one of the most indemand DJ duos based out of Asia having played headliner slots at multi...

  • Timbre @ The Row Opens In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    e-clubbing.com 16 Mar '16, 8am

    Live music entertainment is an integral trait in Timbre’s unique live music dining experience that strikes a chord with both regular and new patrons. With diversity being a key consideration, the resident musicians line-up at Timbre @ The Row is made up of a pool of experienced Malays...

  • Zouk – Promotions & Events (October 2015) |

    e-clubbing.com 16 Oct '15, 1am

    The Great TGIW is more than just our rendition of the perfect midweek mayhem, it has become the perfect platform for our favourite fashionable party people to bring their zest on. Prepare yourselves for a heady visual and aural feast as Ghetto turns up the heat with his fullon friendl...