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  • Most tweets in the world: Jakarta. With Tokyo and Bandung nearby.

    fivefootway.com 03 Jan '13, 7am

    In the spirit of Asian cities ruling the world and blowing minds, a study by Semiocast placed Jakarta as the city with the most number of posted tweets. A quote found in Jakarta Pos t reads: "Apart from cheap Internet access, it is also due to the social nature of the Indonesian peopl...

  • Thoughts about "Questions about learning and teaching"

    fivefootway.com 28 Dec '12, 8am

    As an educator myself, I related to this piece by Mark Teh who in his resolution for 2013, touched on issues of learning and teaching. I found myself nodding in agreement to most of the words in the piece and there are so many quotable quotes from his note that I could extract as exam...

  • River Cinema at Cikapundung

    fivefootway.com 12 Dec '12, 9am

    Presented by House The House & Bandung Creative City Forum, River Cinema will take place on 22 Dec 2012 with hopes to inspire the Bandung community to collaborate and create the future of the city, beginning with small actions that will enliven and activate the urban space. Film scree...

  • I will file this under interesting architectural model

    I will file this under interesting architectural model

    fivefootway.com 27 Nov '13, 8am

    I will file this under interesting architectural model November 27, 2013 Adib Jalal Kew House by Piercy & Company . Discovered via arkitekcher . In Miscellaneousness Tags architecture , design , made me look , architecture models New material could help build underground structures in...

  • Ehtnographic Fragements and Spotspotting by Debbie Ding

    fivefootway.com 19 Jan '13, 12pm

    The Singapore Psychogeographical Society will be exhibiting some of its collections at Art Stage and Gillman Barracks next week. If you are interested in browsing through some archives or urban fragments, please come down to Art Stage or Gillman Barracks to see a selection of Ethnogra...

  • Less action items, more Actual items​. Prototype. —

    fivefootway.com 15 Jan '13, 3am

    Less action items, more Actual items​. Prototype. January 15, 2013 FIVEFOOTWAY Prototyping is the short hand of innovation: is problem solving; is a state of mind. Tom Kelley, The Art of Innovation (2001) In Things Tags San Francisco , technology , hackathon , TEDx , Urban , prototype...

  • Government, private sector and civil society in the creation of cities

    fivefootway.com 26 Dec '12, 9am

    Everyone in this video agrees that the Government must provide the framework for the private sector and the community to participate and create the city. But no one in this video mentioned anything about how exactly that has translated into real-world actions. Video by Urban Redevelop...

  • Supersonic and filthy at IDEO Singapore's make-a-thon

    fivefootway.com 18 Mar '13, 5am

    Last month, the Singapore government wrapped up its first online open innovation challenge. Hosted by NEA and OpenIDEO, a platform that brings people together to design for social good, it called on Singaporeans and people from around the globe the answer the question, " How might we ...


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