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  • Gurkhas....

    Visibly Invisible Community

    fivefootway.com 10 Feb '14, 11am

    The Gurkha Contingent of the Singapore Police Force was established in April 1949 as authorities deemed it necessary for a police element unaffected by racial prejudices within Malaya to complement the local force. Quietly, these men from Nepal have protected some of Singapore’s most ...

  • I will file this under interesting architectural model

    I will file this under interesting architectural model

    fivefootway.com 27 Nov '13, 8am

    I will file this under interesting architectural model November 27, 2013 Adib Jalal Kew House by Piercy & Company . Discovered via arkitekcher . In Miscellaneousness Tags architecture , design , made me look , architecture models New material could help build underground structures in...

  • Most tweets in the world: Jakarta. With Tokyo and Bandung nearby.

    fivefootway.com 03 Jan '13, 7am

    In the spirit of Asian cities ruling the world and blowing minds, a study by Semiocast placed Jakarta as the city with the most number of posted tweets. A quote found in Jakarta Pos t reads: "Apart from cheap Internet access, it is also due to the social nature of the Indonesian peopl...

  • Archigram's walking city is plausible

    Archigram's walking city is plausible

    fivefootway.com 24 Nov '13, 11pm

    Archigram's walking city is plausible November 22, 2013 Adib Jalal Holy shit. Archigram’s walking city might actually work! See the full post at gizmodo In Miscellaneousness Tags Archigram , cities , made me look , technology , Walking city ← 8 Minutes of the Earth’s Rotation 1939 Wor...

  • Together is how we make awesomer than awesome

    fivefootway.com 14 Jul '13, 3pm

    I am about 4 weeks away from becoming a married man and doing something awesome for the wedding is a given. Both B and I want this to be awesome. Like amazeballs awesome and that has been a personal challenge for us. Making something awesome requires amazing strength and focus. It req...

  • A blurry mess of a place, a magical undefined virtual space, a

    fivefootway.com 14 Jul '13, 4am

    A few weeks ago, I nuked most of my blog posts of recent years because I wasn't sure about what I wanted the Internet to know about me. In my role as an educator to many late teens, I am expected to be of good standing, level headed and a role model. As a festival director, I am often...

  • Thoughts about "Questions about learning and teaching"

    fivefootway.com 28 Dec '12, 8am

    As an educator myself, I related to this piece by Mark Teh who in his resolution for 2013, touched on issues of learning and teaching. I found myself nodding in agreement to most of the words in the piece and there are so many quotable quotes from his note that I could extract as exam...

  • High Five

    fivefootway.com 15 Jun '13, 2pm

    The past two weeks has been an exercise in cleaning and culling my blog posts of yesteryears. Along the way, I discovered posts that seemed appropriate at that time but was probably way too personal and frivolous on hindsight. However, I also unearthed, a few posts that captured some ...


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