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  • Kick-start the weekend with a great sunscreen! #sunscreen #UVprotection #sgbeauty

    Don’t leave home without this Clarins sunscreen! |

    herworldplus.com 29 May '15, 6am

    We hate to nag but sunscreen should be as essential as your smartphone – UV exposure is one of the key reasons why good skin weakens and bad skin deteriorates. I’m picky about sunscreens. I find them either too dense (what’s with the mask-like effect?) or too watery (it melts even bef...

  • We have rounded up the 7 habits of truly stylish people, are you one of them?

    7 habits of truly stylish people

    herworldplus.com 25 May '15, 9am

    #4 They don’t follow trends blindly If you trawl through enough fashion blogs and Instagram accounts, it’s really tempting to buy into every trend that every blogger under the sun is wearing. You feel like you need to own the exact, if not similar piece to be part of the game. Don’t f...

  • 6 healthy carbs that are good for your diet - yes, not all carbs are bad!

    6 healthy carbs that are good for your diet

    herworldplus.com 25 May '15, 3am

    Image: Olga Miltsova/ 123RF.com Carbs have a rep for being “fattening” and are usually the first to be axed from any diet. But really, they’re not all bad. “Carbs are not as high in calories as people think,” says Melanie van der Wilk, a dietitian with dietetic practice The Food Clini...

  • Looking for a #holiday #scent? These are refreshingly #subtle & will transport you to #gardens #overseas: #perfume

    2 Floral perfumes we love right now

    herworldplus.com 25 May '15, 2am

    #1 HERMES LE JARDIN DE MONSIEUR LI EDT $88 for 30ml, from Hermes counters The latest of Hermes' famous garden-inspired fragrances is redolent of Chinese gardens. For inspiration, the brand's in-house perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena visited China's Suzhou and Hangzhou, as well as the ancie...

  • Researchers have found out that nail polishes contain many chemicals that can lead to cancer!

    Nail varnish can cause cancer

    herworldplus.com 25 May '15, 1am

    Having perfect nails is a must for many a woman these days, whether it’s a long-lasting Shellac polish or a French manicure. But a scientist has claimed that chemicals in such products can have a serious effect on our health. Dr Thu Quach, of Stanford University and the Cancer Prevent...

  • Get perfect #hair with these 20 tips: #simplyhersg #beauty #sgbeauty

    20 essential tips for healthy hair

    herworldplus.com 24 May '15, 3pm

    losing more than 100 strands of hair a day within one or two weeks, it may be necessary to consult a dermatologist,” suggests Dr Tan. A blood and/or hair diagnostic test may be done to determine the cause of the condition so that it can be treated accordingly. The most common form of ...

  • There's a new safe deposit box facility in town: #simplyhersg #vault268

    Keep your valuables safe at this new safe deposit box facility

    herworldplus.com 24 May '15, 12am

    A safe deposit box is a useful thing to have for keeping your possessions safe. Enter Vault@268, Singapore’s first private safe deposit box facility, which opened in April 2015. Here are four things we like about it: 1 It’s secure. There are multiple levels of security at Vault@268. T...

  • Make this #healthy #quinoa #wrap for #lunch: #simplyhersg #recipe

    Make this healthy quinoa recipe for lunch

    herworldplus.com 23 May '15, 3pm

    1.Heat 4 tbsp olive oil in a pot and add the quinoa, stirring for 2min over medium heat. 2.Add the water and stir continuously for 10-12 min until the quinoa is cooked. 3.Remove the pot from the stove and fluff the quinoa with a fork. Set aside. 4.To make the dressing, blend the tahin...


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