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  • It's official — cheese teas have landed in Singapore |

    herworldplus.com 29 May '17, 9am

    I can really see this as the next trend in Singapore - that white foam topping the drink isn't your regular milk foam but made of CHEESE!! May sound a little gross to you now (that's how I feel when I first know about it) but really changed my mind after tasting it!! Thick gooey chees...

  • Think you need to spend hundreds on #salon visits for #healthy #hair? Think again:

    Think you need to spend hundreds on salon visits for healthy hair? Think again

    herworldplus.com 29 May '17, 3am

    #Hairgoals are everywhere these days and with social media we can’t escape seeing our favourite celebs and Instagram stars all tressed to impress. Sure, they’ve often got a hairstylist to thank for cascading waves or an exceptionally sleek lob, but that doesn’t mean you need a hair pr...

  • What exactly IS a facial thread lift anyway?

    herworldplus.com 26 May '17, 7pm

    As we age, the skin’s supportive tissue of collagen and elastin breaks down and cell turnover starts to slow down leading to loosening, sagging and creases in the skin. Originally developed in Korea, thread lifts have evolved significantly since the 1990s and are a popular non-surgica...

  • 8 secrets about the clitoris that will blow your mind

    herworldplus.com 25 May '17, 9am

    If you want good sex, you need to first understand your body – and that includes your clitoris. Just because the clitoris is mostly hidden away, it doesn’t have to remain a mystery. What people usually refer to as the clitoris (the bit that you can see on the outside) is actually just...

  • Follow this nutrients and food guide for naturally glowing and youthful skin

    herworldplus.com 23 May '17, 7am

    Skin is, quite literally, the face we show to the world. It is our shell, the most exposed part of us. It is our first line of physiological defence and is exquisitely sensitive to touch and temperature. It reflects our state of health, capable of turning yellow from liver toxins, red...

  • Playing hard to get in a long-term relationship is not a bad thing #games #fun #relationship #marriage #tease

    Why you should play hard to get in your marriage

    herworldplus.com 24 May '17, 1am

    PHOTOGRAPH: langstrup, 123rf.com When you and your man were dating, your friends probably advised you to play hard to get, to keep him interested in you. Don’t say yes to anything too soon, they warned. Don’t appear too willing to do anything, they encouraged. Keep him just at arm’s l...

  • This lightweight range does wonders for #Asian #skin:

    This hydrating water-based skincare range is perfect for Asian skin

    herworldplus.com 21 May '17, 11am

    When it comes to combatting the sweltering Singapore heat, a quick spritz from a refreshing face mist can instantly lower the temperature of your skin, reduce redness and replenish it with some much-needed moisture. Uriage’s Thermal Water in particular is said to be the only isotonic ...

  • Low-cal, high-impact: Eat more of these foods to speed up weight loss

    herworldplus.com 27 May '17, 11pm

    Citrus fruits not only taste great, but are also low in calories and have been featured in countless diet books and programs. The Grapefruit especially has been thought to contain fewer calories than it takes to eat it, meaning that you’re actually losing weight by consuming it. Image...


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