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  • 12 sexy leopard print accessories and dresses to upgrade your look

    herworldplus.com 27 Jul '16, 5am

    There’s just something about leopard print that gives you the right amount of sophisticated fierceness that every woman needs. Naturally, that means that every woman should have at least one item in their wardrobe that has a leopard print. Here are 12 accessories and dresses that prov...

  • Meeting the #potential in-laws? Here's 10 #ways you can #impress your #man's parents!

    10 ways to impress your man's parents

    herworldplus.com 26 Jul '16, 9am

    Image: kzenon / 123RF Stock Photo So your boyfriend is taking your relationship one step further by introducing you to his parents. It's normal to be nervous in such a situation but there's no need for it to turn into a horror movie, if you follow these tips. DO YOUR RESEARCH Find out...

  • 5 different kinds of tops to wear for a job interview

    herworldplus.com 26 Jul '16, 6am

    An employer sits through hours of interviews, asking the same questions, facing countless of potential employees all probably dressed in the same standard white button-down shirt. At the end of the day, everything and everyone becomes a blur. As a candidate, you obviously want to stan...

  • #TalonTuesday: How to get the hot new #chromenails #manicure #trend!

    #TalonTuesday: How to get the hot new chrome manicure trend!

    herworldplus.com 26 Jul '16, 4am

    Here’s how. What you should be aiming for is a fabulous foiled finish that calls to mind the incredibly flattering iridescence of polished metal. And while silver’s a safe shade, methinks a gorgeous green will make for an unexpectedly sexy spin on the trend. Emerald enamel simulates t...

  • Check out 5 #warning #signs that your #debt is out of #control:

    5 warning signs that you're in a debt crisis

    herworldplus.com 26 Jul '16, 3am

    For us average folk, debts are an inevitable part of life. At the very least, most Singaporeans have a home loan to settle. But if you’re struggling to keep up with repayments, your debts may have morphed into a debt crisis. Don’t be afraid to seek debt management help from financial ...

  • Have you tried any of these crazy diets that don't work?

    herworldplus.com 26 Jul '16, 2am

    Every few years, we're bombarded with fad diets that are "guaranteed" to work. Throw in a celebrity endorsement or two and everyone wants to get on the bandwagon, too. But how many of them actually work? Here are six crazy diets that don't do the job. The baby food diet Its creator, c...

  • 10 best Korean cushion compacts you'll definitely love!

    herworldplus.com 25 Jul '16, 2am

    As Singaporeans become hooked onto K-pop and K-drama shows, there is also a rise in Korean beauty trends in Singapore. Makeup products that we have never dreamt of such as cushion compacts have made their way into the Singapore makeup beauty scene. You might be a little confused about...

  • 4 ways to stop impulse shopping. I need to follow my own advice!

    4 tips to stop impulse shopping

    herworldplus.com 25 Jul '16, 1am

    PHOTOGRAPH: Dmitriy Shironosov, 123rf.com In Singapore’s hyper-consumerist society, it’s feels almost necessary to spend hundreds of dollars to keep up with friends or stay on trend. But spending all your hard-earned money is not a sustainable way to live. Besides never running out of...


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