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  • Welcome to The Original Singapore Walks!

    journeys.com.sg 31 Oct '17, 3pm

    “The sea of bitterness has no bounds; repent and you will reach the shore.” The consequences of doing good or evil unfold not just in life, but after death… or so believed Aw Boon Haw – millionaire philanthropist, marketing extraordinaire and brainchild behind the famed ointment Tiger...

  • Journeys and Singapore Walks

    journeys.com.sg 25 Apr '17, 11pm

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  • Welcome to The Original Singapore Walks!

    journeys.com.sg 10 Jan '14, 1am

    All our walking tours and coach trails are available for private booking, on your preferred day and timing. Our private tours are excellent as company outings, birthday treats, cultural orientation activities for newly relocated expatriates, themed educational field trips and more. If...

  • Welcome to The Original Singapore Walks!

    journeys.com.sg 09 Jan '14, 2pm

    Visit the Singapore River Gallery in the stately Asian Civilisations Museum to learn of Singapore's implausible nomenclature through ancient stories and artifacts; browse through an array of exhibits on different communities who lived and worked by the River Discover the (sometimes bi...

  • Welcome to The Original Singapore Walks!

    journeys.com.sg 08 Aug '12, 1pm

    Welcome to The Original Singapore Walks® Good Day. You have just stumbled upon The Original Singapore Walks® website. I believe introductions are in order. The Original Singapore Walks® is brought to you by Journeys Pte Ltd . The walks work on a simple principle: to bring people into ...

  • Journeys

    journeys.com.sg 21 Jan '14, 9am

    No other tour operator knows Singapore's changing landscape like Journeys. With its commitment to continuous research and updating of tour content, Journeys is able to tailor-make special programmes for the most demanding of requirements.

  • Welcome to The Original Singapore Walks!

    journeys.com.sg 20 Sep '13, 3am

    Discover vice and tragedy in the shadows of Chinatown by night Venture into the Back Alleys for classic behind-the-scenes surprises - not to be missed! Be thoroughly mesmerised by the scene at Food Street, just as it was in its hey days Walk along Club Street - literally one of the tr...

  • Welcome to The Original Singapore Walks!

    journeys.com.sg 16 Mar '13, 8am

    "This tour was amazing and our guide was so knowledgeable. A must for any visit to Singapore. Well worth the money." - Marc R, Australia "A most informative and moving tour. We now understand the ordeals that the prisoners had to endure to just stay alive. The tour leader was most inf...


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