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JUICE (Singapore) is a fabulous monthly magazine covering the cooler aspects of local and international music, fashion and clubbing cultures. Word!

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  • Songs beyond the studio. Check out our latest!

    Bringing Music Back To How It’s Supposed To Be |

    juice.com.sg 18 Jul '18, 3am

    Forget long hours cooped up in the studio; these people are living proof that music can be made anywhere. From inside a cab to under the sheets, these sessions bring music back to how it’s supposed to be – organic.

  • Sneak Peek: Jasmine Sokko is busy in the studio

    juice.com.sg 26 Jun '18, 7am

    Jasmine Sokko offers a proposition that is simultaneously crystalline but shrouded. Yes, she’s one of the most brightly burning stars in the firmament of local music. But the reason she’s a crowd favourite also underscores the opacity of her pen and sounds. The crescendoes of drama an...

  • Whitechapel's Phil Bozeman on why Johnny Cash, and not Elvis, is the King

    juice.com.sg 28 Jul '18, 4pm

    Despite taking a leap of faith in introducing clean vocals on their latest LP, Mark of the Blade , Knoxville deathcore outfit Whitechapel is no less capable of creating an atmosphere of impending destruction, as was evident at their headlining set at SG Metal Mayhem . If the pointed a...

  • Time to pack your bags and off to Ubud!

    Hipster Hideaway: 5 Reasons To Visit Ubud

    juice.com.sg 24 Jul '18, 5am

    Ubud may be quiet in comparison to its beachfront counterparts, but its no less adventurous. Scenic cycling tours will give you the chance to marvel at beautiful landscapes and witness village life – but if it’s adrenaline-pumping thrills you’re chasing, then a white water rafting tri...

  • Learn The Alphabet: The A To Z Of EDM

    juice.com.sg 06 Jul '18, 9am

    stood for ‘Eighties Dinner Muzak’, you need to glue yourself to this thorough glossary on everything that matters. Clubs , controversies , genres , wubs – we’ve got it all in the A to Z of EDM.

  • Silver Screen Soirée - 10 of The Best Movie Parties |

    juice.com.sg 28 Jun '18, 7am

    Whether it’s Jim, Kevin, or Oz you identify with, everyone wants to throw a party like Stifler. Sure, he’s crass, callous and overall repugnant, but his lavish house parties (he has no shortage of mansions) deliver what high school dreams are made of – red cups and all. And they’re se...

  • The 1975 returns with new single, “Give Yourself A Try” https://t.co/GnXX7Nms5h

    The 1975 returns with new single, "Give Yourself A Try"

    juice.com.sg 01 Jun '18, 2am

    gave us a little taste from their upcoming album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships on BBC Radio One , where they premiered their new single, “Give Yourself A Try” on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show. Frontman, Matt Healy announced that the album will be released in October and fa...

  • Eyes On The Crown: Tabitha Nauser on “Rules”, her most aggressive single yet https://t.co/H4LV2UrL5U

    Eyes On The Crown: Tabitha Nauser on "Rules", her most aggressive single yet

    juice.com.sg 31 May '18, 8am

    So, Yellow Claw saw a performance I did of my older tracks in Indonesia and messaged me saying that they saw me on TV, like my voice and that they wanted to see if we could work together. The first few songs they sent me were too EDM and I wasn’t sure if I could help out and they were...


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