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Included online are details about the services, catalogues, collections and printed materials available to the general public by the National Library, and other ...


  • Eye on Asia Series – Demystifying the Indian ‘White Tiger’ 12 May '18, 5am

    works in the aviation industry and is currently based in Singapore. His own passage to India started more than a decade ago when he visited Bangalore for an arts-based youth expedition project. Revisiting India for an overseas posting two years ago, James continues to be charmed by th...

  • U Presence Bookclub 25 Apr '18, 12am

    The U Presence Bookclub is a platform dedicated for readers and fans of the four authors of the book “Presence: Human Purpose and the Field of the Future” to meet, discuss and share each life changing experience while or after reading their books. It also ought to be a good start for ...

  • Caring for Your Personal Book Collection 27 Apr '18, 3am

    Do you wonder how to maintain your books, why their pages turn yellow, and what to do when they start falling apart? Join Karen Vidler as she shares how we can better care for our books, understand different book structures and the common types of book deterioration, as well as the pr...

  • Hunting Down the Malayan Mata Hari

    Hunting Down the Malayan Mata Hari – BiblioAsia 10 May '18, 1am

    All that remained was for Lee to persuade Ah Shu to cooperate with the Special Branch and return to the jungle with the message that was now hidden in the new tin of baby powder. Lee managed to shake Ah Shu’s resolve by showing her a photograph taken in the safe house – in which she w...

  • Simba.Alpha | Simba.AlphaTunes | Hello World : | AU_Chergui 12 May '18, 4pm

    㼼浸敶獲潩㵮ㄢ〮•湥潣楤杮∽瑵ⵦ㘱㼢㰾瑨汭砠汭獮∽瑨灴⼺眯睷眮⸳牯⽧㤱㤹砯瑨汭•浸湬㩳祭扏㵪產湲洺佹橢㸢格慥⁤摩∽效摡∱㰾敭慴栠瑴⵰煥極㵶堢唭ⵁ潃灭瑡扩敬•潣瑮湥㵴䤢㵅∹⼠㰾敭慴渠浡㵥爢扯瑯≳挠湯整瑮∽潮潦汬睯•㸯琼瑩敬䌾敨留桺慵യ †††††술媠潨杮朠湯⁧桺湯⁧慹杮眠湥砠慩慹楪⁵桳⁩楢湡㬠稠畨戠慩楊桃湯橧Ⱪ䌠敨畑※畦稠畨戠慩慃楙杮慷杮㰮琯瑩敬㰾敭慴渠浡㵥䬢祥潷摲≳挠湯整瑮∽桃湥夠湵稠畨湡⼠桚湯⁧潧杮稠潨杮礠湡⁧敷楸湡礠湡樠畩猠楨戠慩※桺⁵楢湡䨠湩䌠潨杮楪‬桃湥儠湵㬠映⁵桺⁵楢湡䌠潡夠湩睧湡⹧‬楊Ɱ䌠潨杮楪ㄬ㌹ⴰ•㸯洼瑥⁡慮敭∽畡桴牯•...

  • Recipes for the Ideal Singaporean Female – BiblioAsia 13 Apr '18, 12pm

    Pre-independence: The Purpose of Home Economics Home economics began in the United States in the late 19th century as domestic science. It was part of a larger movement to modernise the American diet through scientific cookery. The early champions of domestic science could be categori...

  • Japanising Children in Wartime Singapore: Japanese Language Education through Popular Media 15 Mar '18, 12pm

    Japanising Children in Wartime Singapore: Japanese Language Education through Popular Media Language: English Target Audience: Teens, Adults, 50 and above, Educators Category: Heritage, Singapore & S.E.A

    1. The War as Shown to Children 15 Mar '18, 12pm
  • Recipes for the Ideal Singaporean Female – BiblioAsia 05 Apr '18, 3pm

    The call for women to contribute to the nation’s industrialisation was a success – between 1957 and 1980, the number of women in the manufacturing sector increased nearly 10 times 7 – but it created a dilemma: working mothers were not passing on homemaking skills to their daughters wh...

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