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Included online are details about the services, catalogues, collections and printed materials available to the general public by the National Library, and other ...


  • National Library Board > Home 18 Oct '17, 8am

    About NLB Organisation Structure Board Members Management Team Annual Reports Facts & Figures Research & Studies Press Room NLB Act Faces of NLB National Library Lee Kong Chian Reference Library History of National Library Statutory Functions National Library Distinguished Readers Pub...

  • Fascinating history of Singapore's land reclamation written by @NLB

    Land From Sand: Singapore’s Reclamation Story | BiblioAsia 14 Oct '17, 12am

    Land Reclamation: How Does it Work? The proposed site for reclamation is first investigated to determine seabed conditions, availability of fill materials as well as the shape and alignment of the reclaimed area. Environmental studies are then carried out to assess the impact on water...

  • When your book are in Singapore libraries, ya'll. xx GodPretty in the Tobacco Field Michele Richardson. 19 Oct '17, 2am

    㼼浸敶獲潩㵮ㄢ〮•湥潣楤杮∽瑵ⵦ㘱㼢㰾瑨汭砠汭獮∽瑨灴⼺眯睷眮⸳牯⽧㤱㤹砯瑨汭•浸湬㩳祭扏㵪產湲洺佹橢㸢格慥⁤摩∽效摡∱㰾敭慴栠瑴⵰煥極㵶堢唭ⵁ潃灭瑡扩敬•潣瑮湥㵴䤢㵅∹⼠㰾敭慴渠浡㵥爢扯瑯≳挠湯整瑮∽潮潦汬睯•㸯琼瑩敬䜾摯牐瑥祴椠桴⁥潴慢捣楦汥⁤യ †††††술䮠浩䴠捩敨敬删捩慨摲潳⹮⼼楴汴㹥洼瑥⁡慮敭∽敤捳楲瑰潩≮挠湯整瑮∽湉汣摵獥搠獩畣獳潩畱獥楴湯⹳焦潵㭴楆獲⁴敋獮湩瑧湯琠慲敤瀠灡牥慢正瀠楲瑮湩㩧䴠祡㈠㄰☶畱瑯ⴻ吭瑩敬瀠条⁥敶獲⹯•㸯洼瑥⁡慮敭∽敋睹牯獤•潣瑮湥㵴䜢摯牐瑥祴椠桴⁥潴慢捣楦汥⁤䬯浩䴠捩敨敬删捩慨摲潳⹮‬楒档牡獤湯‬楋楍档汥ⱥ畡桴牯...

  • [email protected] The LLiBrary: What Other Funeral Directors Don’t Tell You 06 Oct '17, 4am

    Find out what goes on behind the scenes in the funeral industry! Angjolie Mei has been in the funeral business for over 10 years and is Singapore’s only certified funeral celebrant. Let her share with you her experiences in this specialised industry, and tell you her story in setting ...

  • Hang Tuah in a Time of Independance 04 Oct '17, 5am

    One of the great heroers of the Malay world, the legend of Hang Tuah centres on loyalty to family, friends and the ruler. The legend is found in numerous accounts in various manuscripts over the past 400 years. This talk will trace the development of Hang Tuah's image in the original ...

  • Public Housing, Private Lives | BiblioAsia 03 Oct '17, 3am

    I’ve also wondered about the social and environmental impact of high-rise living in an increasingly crowded island. Over one generation, from the 1960s to the 90s, we have been uprooted from homes mostly in or near the city centre and the Singapore River, and scattered all over a rapi...

  • [Expert Series Seminar] Preparing Your Child For School and Beyond 29 Sep '17, 5am

    Sign up today and hear from the Experts on how you can support your child as he embarks on the next phase of his life! Receive a free goodie bag at the seminar and enjoy a tea break on us! Key Highlights Equip yourself with practical tips to support and strengthen your child's confide...

  • The Gamer Motivation Profile – What We Learned From 300,000 Gamers (19 July) | National Library Education & Outreach 15 Sep '17, 7am

    He was a senior research scientist in Ubisoft’s Gamer Behavior Research group where he combined data science and social science methods to generate actionable player insights for different game development teams. At Quantic Foundry, he leads the research and development of new tools a...

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