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An independent, non-profit Singaporean theatre company that develops professional theatre skills, Singapore artists, and Singapore arts through its various ...

Link: theatreworks.org.sg

  • For more experimental fare, Eng Kai Er's Indulgence is taking place at @TheatreWorksSG

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    theatreworks.org.sg 18 May '15, 2am

    INDULGENCE by Eng Kai Er, Associate Artist In collaboration with Bernice Lee & Jereh Leong Rated Advisory16 INDULGENCE is the initial presentation of a new work by bold and sassy Kai Er, working in close collaboration with Bernice Lee and Jereh Leong. Using the architecture of Space 3...

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    theatreworks.org.sg 26 Jun '13, 4am

    THE WRITERS' LAB 24-Hour Playwriting Competition - 2013 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2013 occupies The Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall Have an idea for a play? Liberate your ideas at the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition 2013 Whether armed with a pen and paper, a laptop or a typewr...

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    theatreworks.org.sg 02 Aug '13, 8am

    Make a difference to our arts and cultural scene by supporting us! Visit

  • Last chance to catch OF BABIES (NOT REALLY) AND PEOPLE later at The Gardens, Supertree Grove!

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    theatreworks.org.sg 24 May '13, 10pm

    Since 2008, TheatreWorks has forged a dynamic partnership with South East CDC in organising its Writers' Lab programmes for the community's benefit. The 24-Hour Playwriting Competition takes place each year at unconventional sites and sees the participation of aspiring writers from al...

  • Today in 2005, Insomnia was performed at the Institute of Contemp Arts, London for Singapore Season #sg #theatreworks

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    theatreworks.org.sg 25 Feb '13, 1am

    Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London Curated by Keng-Sen Ong Organised by TheatreWorks Singapore Sponsored by National Arts Council, Singapore The ICA invited Asia’s prominent director Keng-Sen Ong to bring his performances to London as well as to curate a season of contempora...

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    theatreworks.org.sg 30 Mar '13, 6am

    FourPlays: ABCD By Vertical Submarine Associate Directors, TheatreWorks 3 April 2013, Wednesday, 8pm - Preview 4 – 6 April 2013, Thursday – Saturday, 8pm 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Road, Singapore 239007 "Foreplay was a French invention " -Ricardo Piglia FourPlays: ABCD is inspired by a ser...

  • Going to watch Dust: A Recollection tonight at Theatreworks. Runs till Sat.

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    theatreworks.org.sg 16 Nov '11, 11am

    DUST – A RECOLLECTION Dust: A Recollection By Vertical Submarine Associate Artistic Directors, TheatreWorks Adapted from a Hokkien short story by Chien Swee Teng in his 1979 novel Bak Teng (Diced Meat), the enfant terribles of Singapore contemporary art, Vertical Submarine, invoke bit...

  • Amazing show. Sensitive, thought-provoking, celebratory, and critical. Well done @TheatreWorksSV!

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    theatreworks.org.sg 27 Oct '12, 7am

    GOH LAY KUAN & KUO PAO KUN TheatreWorks presents GOH LAY KUAN & KUO PAO KUN Conceived and directed by Ong Keng Sen She is a dancer, a teacher, a fighter. He is a writer, a theatre doyen, a visionary. This is about their struggle, their love and, all that is vital in their lives. Starr...


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