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Hey Startup Superstars,. We have big love for local startups and especially for the crazy Kiwis at Trade Gecko. They're growing a focused, fast-paced company ...

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  • L'OREAL Innovation Runway

    thelist.sg 28 Jun '17, 9am

    Social Morning for Social Enterprises with DBS A networking and sharing sessions between Social Enterprises. They will also have experts (raiSE, DBS Foundation) sharing their insights on struggles companies may face. Jun 29th 7:00 pm - Green Drinks: Mapping food sharing landscape in S...

  • Echelon Asia Summit 2017

    thelist.sg 28 Jun '17, 1am

    We empower entrepreneurs with tools to build and grow their companies since 2009: Information Access curated data and insights from the experts and community builders about Asia’s tech ecosystem Connections Tap on opportunities to forge new strategic partnerships across markets, verti...

  • ReferralCandy Design and Drinks #1

    ReferralCandy Design and Drinks #1

    thelist.sg 27 Jun '17, 10am

    We have invited a speaker from the Talent Acquisitions team of Facebook (formerly from Google), and another from the job portal Glints, to talk about Career Paths in Tech. Topics that will be discussed includes career prospects, career planning strategies, as well as salaries in the t...

  • Lunch & Learn - Content Marketing Workshop

    thelist.sg 27 Jun '17, 5am

    As a Singapore native, Alison also grew up and studied in Beijing, Dublin and the US. She earned her degree in Finance and started her career in retail. But after getting a taste of the digital world when she founded her own e-Commerce gemstone jewelry, Alison is glad to have finally ...

  • ACM Creativity & Cognition (C&C)

    thelist.sg 27 Jun '17, 1am

    The 11th ACM Creativity & Cognition (C&C) is the first to be run in Asia. C&C have evolved into lively interdisciplinary meetings, bringing together artists and scientists, designers educators, and researchers. We seek to understand human creativity in its many manifestations, to desi...

  • Geolocation Analysis by Yee Jie Tang + Study Session

    Geolocation Analysis by Yee Jie Tang + Study Session

    thelist.sg 17 Jun '17, 2am

    Yee Jie (YJ) Tang will share with us the applications of geolocation analysis in the ride hailing industry, and a quick tutorial on scripting the solutions. YJ is a data enthusiast, previous Business Analyst & Product Analytics Manager at Grab, and current Cloud Knowledge Management S...

  • Women in Tech – Progression Forum https://t.co/NxMNMnOna3

    Women in Tech - Progression Forum

    thelist.sg 19 Jun '17, 10am

    ProductTank #10: Innovation and ideation Learn how can companies stay competitive and disrupt themselves, and why customers need to be part of that innovation journey so they get exactly what they want and pay for the product. Jun 20th 6:00 pm - Designed for Innovation This collaborat...

  • Unilever Marketing Philosophy

    thelist.sg 19 Jun '17, 9am

    Our Insights into Unilever series offers the startup community a window into the world of Unilever. Meet and learn from Unilever managers on the organisation, its marketing philosophy, and what’s important to Unilever and their 400+ brands. Join us at our inaugural session on Unilever...


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