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Hey Startup Superstars,. We have big love for local startups and especially for the crazy Kiwis at Trade Gecko. They're growing a focused, fast-paced company ...

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  • Understanding Investment Term Sheets

    thelist.sg 07 Dec '17, 8am

    Understanding Investment Term Sheets Thursday, December 7th 4:00 pm - Understanding Investment Term Sheets Powered by Infinitus Law Investment capital is the lifeblood of many tech start-ups in Singapore. But many start-ups struggle in their initial fund raising efforts because they f...

  • AI Use Cases From the Trenches

    thelist.sg 05 Dec '17, 9am

    As the year comes to an end, we find it most appropriate to showcase a few awesome applications of artificial intelligence, and learn about the challenges they faced and the learnings they gathered along the road. This event is specifically targeted towards those of you who are about ...

  • Cloudflare Security Meetup: Transport Security to Cyberattacks

    thelist.sg 20 Nov '17, 10am

    From security cameras to traffic lights, an increasing amount of appliances we interact with on a daily basis are internet connected. IoT (Internet-of-Things) devices allow for everyday appliances to expose their functionality over the internet. These technologies inherit many attack ...

  • Startups + Investors Speed Date

    thelist.sg 28 Nov '17, 7am

    Finding new investors is always difficult, that’s why we’d like to make the process easier. Attend “Startups + Investors Speed Date” and you might find the support you’re looking for to sky-rocket the growth of your company. Startups looking for serie A fundings are preferred, but oth...

  • Talk CSS #23 Party Edition

    thelist.sg 29 Nov '17, 11am

    Talk CSS #23 Party Edition Wednesday, November 29th 7:00 pm - Talk CSS #23 Party Edition We’re turning two! Join us for a celebration and learn something new about the front end world. There will be cake. Want to speak? Let us know. Latest CSS News by Talk.CSS Our no-longer-new regula...

  • How to Land Your Dream Job in Tech

    thelist.sg 29 Nov '17, 10am

    A former solicitor who specialized in employment law, Jessica is a Strategic Global HR advocate and Director at PALO IT responsible for strategic HR planning globally across 9 offices. With a Bachelor’s Degree in International Law, Master’s Degree in International and Development Stud...

  • Startup Weekend Women - Singapore!

    thelist.sg 10 Nov '17, 10am

    The hardest part of starting up is starting out, Startup Weekend targets exactly this by immersing participants in the ideal environment for startup magic to happen. Our goal is to encourage and inspire more female leaders in startup teams and to connect more women to the vast number ...

    1. Weekend Spin: Gigs we dig juice.com.sg 09 Nov '17, 7am
  • Redefining the Insurance Industry with Blockchain and AI

    Redefining the Insurance Industry with Blockchain and AI

    thelist.sg 07 Nov '17, 11am

    Valenzia is the CEO and Founder of PolicyPal, a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence to simplify and digitise insurance for thousands of people. Former sales broker at Allianz, Valenzia feels passionately about making insurance protection simple and accessible to everyon...


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