• 95th Anniversary Musical

    thingstodosingapore.com 14 Aug '12, 10pm

    In conjunction with our 95th Anniversary Celebrations, the Nanyang Family of Schools and the Nanyang Schools Alumni Association have come together to create this unique event. Guests will be treated to a celebration dinner followed by a spectacular musical charting the history of Nany...

  • Gathering Talents, Connecting Business

    thingstodosingapore.com 22 Jun '12, 9pm

    "Gathering Talents, Connecting Business" is the first-time event which aims to create a platform connecting the business community in Vietnam with the overseas Vietnamese professional community, in an effort to strengthen the competitiveness of Vietnam based company in bo...th domesti...

  • 《舞之思忖(十)– working title》

    thingstodosingapore.com 15 Jul '12, 1am

    Things to do Singapore! : 《舞之思忖(十)– working title》 Another thing to do in Singapore : Things to do Singapore! : 《舞之思忖(十)– working title》 Document ID : 320310 Latitdue : 1.303280 Longitude : 103.771767 Address : National University of Singapore University Cultural Centre Hall Details :...

  • Visit Thai Live Band in Geylang red light district area

    thingstodosingapore.com 30 Oct '12, 1am

    Another thing to do in Singapore : Things To Do Singapore! Document ID : 0 Latitdue : 0 Longitude : 0 Address : Details : Things To Do in Singapore!: Explore what Singapore has to offer, see things and share with friends Tags : Comments : Comments on Things To Do Singapore!

  • Mindful Kindness Week 2012

    thingstodosingapore.com 16 Sep '12, 9am

    Pledge "For this week, I will do my best to use kindness, first, as an option in dealing with every single situation in life" UN recognized "World Peace Day" is on 21st September. Jeremy Gilley has been working towards at least one (1) day of ceasefire and non-violence in a year. http...

  • Our Happiness Begin

    thingstodosingapore.com 27 Jul '12, 5pm

    Things to do Singapore! : Our Happiness Begin Another thing to do in Singapore : Things to do Singapore! : Our Happiness Begin Document ID : 350336 Latitdue : 1.517098 Longitude : 103.670113 Address : 五福北京城 Restaurant Pekin Sutera Details : Hello Dear friends, 28 July 2012 -- we will ...

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  • #singapore Hey Hey! 12 ppl are attending Music Course for children afterwards...

    Music Course for children

    thingstodosingapore.com 14 Jul '12, 6am

    THE COURSE Based on the Orff Method, children learn music through a mixture of singing, dancing, acting and the use of percussion instruments (i.e. xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels). Lessons are presented with an element of "play" helping the children learn at their own level ...


    thingstodosingapore.com 03 Oct '12, 7pm

    A one-week long campaign will be held from the fourth of October and end on the tenth October to commemorate and coincide with World Mental Health day. (the day where public awareness of mental health issues are promoted globally.) On the fourth of October, the campaign will kick-off ...