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  • #Luxury

    Cruelty-Free Reptile Skin Apparel : faux crocodile leather

    trendhunter.com 11 Sep '18, 1am

    At New York Fashion Week, Tom Ford showed off a vibrantly colored faux crocodile leather outfit in his Spring/Summer 2019 collection, spotlighting an entirely cruelty-free take on a coveted and controversial luxury material. Over the last year, a great number of people have become rec...

  • Top 45 Luxury Fashion Trends in September

    trendhunter.com 09 Sep '18, 4pm

    The September 2018 luxury fashion trends are a venture in experimental design that embraces unconventional collaborations and pushes industry boundaries. Toronto Fashion Week — an event that is running from September 4th until the 6th, is arranging a design-forward dining experience t...

  • #Luxury

    Luxurious Custom Stationery Sets : Custom Stationery Set

    trendhunter.com 07 Sep '18, 11pm

    Château D’esclans takes its product to the next level with a delicate and sophisticated custom stationery set. The prestigious business is located in the heart of Provence, France and its 'Whispering Angel' is recognized as the best-selling rosé in the United States. To mark the inher...

  • Stylish Designer Pet Fashion

    Stylish Designer Pet Fashion : designer pet fashion

    trendhunter.com 13 Sep '18, 2pm

    Moschino redefines the category of designer pet fashion through its collaboration with retailer H & M. The partnership does not only elevate the popular fast-fashion company but it also makes Moschino a little bit more accessible. The outfits include two silhouettes — one is extremely...

  • Observable Exhibition-Style Editorials : Bella Hadid editorial

    trendhunter.com 31 Aug '18, 5am

    For its 39th issue, POP Magazine launches a Bella Hadid editorial that is incredibly elegant, definitely attention-grabbing and accessibly artful. The photographs, taken by Charlotte Wales, depict the celebrity model in a glass box. Hadid is seen in shiny glamorous outfits, frozen in ...

  • #Luxury

    Designer-Made Expensive Sleeping Bags : expensive sleeping bag

    trendhunter.com 30 Aug '18, 10pm

    A luxuriously expensive sleeping bag can be added to the roundup of high-end fashion items as designer Thom Browne debuts the 'Trompe ‘Loeil Classic Suit Sleeping Bag.' Earlier in January, the label presented its offerings for fall and the gender-progressive runway was themed after ca...

  • Luxury-Forward

    Luxury-Forward Glamping Locations : glamping locations

    trendhunter.com 17 Aug '18, 12am

    TravelPirates is a free travel search website and application that recently published a blog post with seven of the best urban glamping locations for 2018. The highlights include a beautiful two-person tent with 16-foot views of downtown Chicago, an artist-friendly vintage camper in O...

  • #Luxury

    Luxurious Metallic Crossbody Bags : Gucci mini-bag

    trendhunter.com 25 Aug '18, 10am

    A new Gucci mini-bag was recently unveiled by the Italian luxury label, which boasts a lavish design that combines hues of silver, red, green, and gold. The silver material gives the bag a statement look, while the classic red and green Gucci branding makes it an instantly recognizabl...