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  • Make My Day - Map - Singapore Zoo | Wildlife Reserves Singapore

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    Use our Search and Explore tools to discover Animals, F&B outlets, Shows, Zones and more or drag the map around to discover what’s around the park!

  • Careers

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    © Copyright 2018, Wildlife Reserves Singapore Group. All rights reserved. Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari, Singapore Zoo and Wildlife Reserves Singapore are trademarks or registered trademarks of WRS Group in Singapore and/or other countries. Terms & conditions Privacy po...

  • Jurong Bird Park - Asia's Largest Bird Paradise | Wildlife Reserves Singapore

    wrs.com.sg 25 Jun '18, 12pm

    Family Eclectus parrot parents work together to raise a family. Dad forages for food while mum stays behind in their dark treehole nest to care for their eggs. Select Friends King penguins huddle together in large groups for warmth, each taking its turn to be in the centre. Select Cou...

  • Dine and Shop - Singapore Zoo | Wildlife Reserves Singapore

    wrs.com.sg 15 Jul '18, 3pm

    Whether you're looking for meat or vegetarian options, or craving something sweet or savoury, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining at Singapore Zoo. Rest assured that our food and ingredients do not contain pork or lard, and our seafood comes from sustainable sources.

  • Don't Say Bojio

    wrs.com.sg 13 May '18, 3am

    Go BANANAS with us as we celebrate 45 wild years! Get ready to experience Singapore Zoo in a new light with an array of activities and promotions.

  • Singapore Zoo - World's Best Rainforest Zoo - Wildlife Reserves Singapore

    wrs.com.sg 11 May '18, 11am

    Animals Get to Know Our Orangutans Animals Get to Know Our Orangutans Meet Ah Meng and her furry friends at the world's first free-ranging orangutan habitat. Find out more Zones Uncover the Fragile Forest Zones Uncover the Fragile Forest Experience endangered species of the rainforest...

  • Orangutan - Singapore Zoo | Wildlife Reserves Singapore

    Orangutan - Singapore Zoo | Wildlife Reserves Singapore

    wrs.com.sg 07 Apr '18, 7am

    Ah Meng was our own homegrown celebrity. She came to Singapore Zoo at the tender age of seven and rose to stardom in the 1980s as the gracious host of our “Breakfast with Orangutan”. She became the first and only animal to be conferred the ‘Special Tourism Ambassador’ award. Everyone ...

  • シンガポールZOOに行きたい!このさい暑いのは我慢します!

    Wildlife Reserves Singapore

    wrs.com.sg 02 May '18, 12pm

    Conservation See how we contribute to wildlife protection through research and funding initiatives in Singapore and across the region. Learn more Education Discover how our parks serve as outdoor classrooms where students can appreciate the wonders of nature and wildlife. Learn more O...


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