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  • Keeping pirates at bay - Youth.SG

    youth.sg 15 Sep '17, 11am

    Singapore is making waves in world rankings again, but this time for its high prevalence of illegal streaming . In fact, our island has "changed the face of piracy" with the use of streaming devices, specifically TV boxes. What's going on? In 2016, MUSO reported that Singapore ranked ...

    1. Romancing Singapore - Youth.SG youth.sg 17 Sep '17, 1pm
  • Three ways social media can improve your life - Youth.SG

    youth.sg 14 Sep '17, 11am

    My parents always complain about me using social media too much. But while some of us do spend a disproportionate amount of time on social media, I recently discovered a few ways to make good use of my time online. Here are three creative uses of social media , beyond just stalking yo...

  • Romancing Singapore - Youth.SG

    youth.sg 17 Sep '17, 1pm

    At the moment I’m writing this, I’m watching “Kal Ho Naa Ho” on Central (note: The official website is at http://www.khnhthefilm.com/ ). For some reason this is an exceptional HINDI ROMANCE story set in NEW YORK but that’s not the point. (note: Yes, the New Yorkians DO dance in a sync...

    1. Keeping pirates at bay - Youth.SG youth.sg 15 Sep '17, 11am
  • Seeing beauty in creatures slithery, slimy or deadly - Youth.SG

    youth.sg 12 Sep '17, 9am

    All my life I have been disgusted by lizards. My displeasure traces back to some bad encounters I've had with cicaks, when I was a kid, that traumatised me for life. You can thus imagine my anxiety when I was sent to Ubin Day 2017 to follow the Herpetological Society of Singapore (HER...

  • Public transport horror stories - Youth.SG

    youth.sg 11 Sep '17, 11am

    I'm sure we have all had at least one nasty experience on public transport. Mine was the freaky experience in secondary school when a creepy man kept staring at my friend and I on the second deck of the bus, and eventually followed us down the steps as we rushed to get off. It doesn't...

  • Jobs 101: Colourist - Youth.SG

    youth.sg 04 Sep '17, 9am

    Colourist Chen Junbin took about a year to master colouring technology by herself, as there was no one she could learn from. Now working in Mocha Chai Laboratories, Junbin tries to impart the craft to her interns, even if it means staying late in the office. Who: Chen Junbin, 31 What:...

  • Why we millennials would be terrible parents - Youth.SG

    youth.sg 31 Aug '17, 11am

    Here are four reasons why we would be terrible at parenting. 1. Cooking isn't our forte We aren't anywhere near being domestic gods. And when our idea of a meal is instant noodles or calling for delivery…we'll probably end up starving our kids. It's likely we will be introducing our k...

  • Soaring through the Paper Roof - Youth.SG

    youth.sg 30 Aug '17, 9am

    His teacher from Innova Junior College, who used to be a producer, also advised him against pursuing filmmaking. "He advised me against it because of the long hours, and it's something that is not super easy to get into, although it is increasingly easier," said Jeth. His mother quest...