10 Jan '13, 7am

Deals don't get any better than this in China ;) #winter #china #specials

Enjoy Our Winter Special Packages in China With our variety of Winter Special deals, you can indulge yourself in the homely comforts of our serviced residences across the northern Chinese cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Shenyang this winter. Benefit from a complimentary third night's stay when you reside with us in Beijing and Tianjin, or enjoy 20% savings on our daily rates in Shenyang. Let us welcome you to a unique experience in these beautiful northern Chinese cities this winter. Because life is about living.

Full article: http://www2.the-ascott.com/specials/cluster.html?did=26814


[Tutorial and Review] The Body Shop Special Edition Winter makeup collection

[Tutorial and Review] The Body Shop Special Edi...

dblchin.com 11 Jan '13, 2am

Perhaps this might be a little late for X'mas but it is definitely not too late to talk about The Body Shop, a favourite b...

Last chance to grab them all! <3

Last chance to grab them all! <3

lilypirates.livejournal.com 13 Jan '13, 1pm

If you do not receive an email reply from us within 24 hours, it means the item is all pending/sold. Please do check back ...

Special Report: It's All In The Water

Special Report: It's All In The Water

golfdigest.com 14 Jan '13, 9pm

The United States Golf Association buried its lead. It waited until the last session of its two-day conference, "Golf's Us...

e27 is looking for an events manager. Please sh...

e27.sg 11 Jan '13, 7am

e27 specializes in developing and executing events that are both relevant and exciting for technology companies, startup c...