08 Feb '13, 1am

16-year-old Mexican boy shot 8 times or more by border patrol agent at US border

PHOENIX, Arizona (AP) - An autopsy report indicates a Mexican teen who apparently was shot to death by a US Border Patrol agent in October was struck by at least eight bullets, all but one hitting him in the back. The report, provided to The Associated Press on Thursday by an attorney for the 16-year-old boy's family, was conducted by medical examiners in Mexico and describes several other wounds, but it's unclear if they account for additional bullets, graze wounds or shrapnel. The attorney Luis Parra said he believes the report bolsters his contention that the Border Patrol used excessive force in gunning down Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez. The family is considering a lawsuit. "I'm not saying it's a clear case of excessive force, but it is a very strong case for excessive use of force," Mr Parra said. "The Border Patrol agent who was firing could have easily taken cover."

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