31 Mar '18, 10pm

Inside Vietnam's 'cave kingdom', adventure tourism sustains nature, local livelihoods - Channel NewsAsia

Now a father of two, Dzung runs an eco-friendly homestay that offers tourists a truly local experience of the place he calls home. Besides joining his adventure tours, visitors can also explore the local village and try their hand at organic farming in his vegetable garden where his family sources fresh ingredients for cooking – from aromatic Vietnamese mints to crisp lettuce and plump aubergines.

Full article: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/inside-v...


A Well-Chronicled Adventure in Tiny Robotics

A Well-Chronicled Adventure in Tiny Robotics

hackaday.com 02 Apr '18, 6pm

[Bill] is well aware of the challenges presented by working at a scale this small. (If he wasn’t before, he certainly is n...