03 Aug '11, 1pm

WorkLife Single and therefore more suitable to work on Sundays? from RSS

Work is work, family has more commitments than singles, e.g look after childen, etc. It is no small feat to juggle between work and family. Hence, in simplistic view, singles will be more suitable. Still employers should be fair to singles and not just "arrowing" singles as they too have their family to be with. As long as it is one off affair and given right compensation. there should not be any big issues, like complaining to MOM, etc. If singles cannot do, married cannot do, who can do it? In this case, Singapore will stop functioning over the weekend. Singapore will be a ghost country on the weekends cos noone is working because of personal or family time. Most imptly, be fair to all and of course tactful (referring to managers and HR).

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