12 Jan '11, 11am

Lionel Messi is the world’s best player but Xavi deserved Fifa’s award

And yet one thing the criteria is clear about is that this is an award for 2010 alone. In the past, France Football has talked too of “trajectory”; this year, that has not been the case. That’s one explanation. In the scramble to explain last night’s surprise there have been plenty of theories forwarded. The most tragically predictable has been proffered by the newspaper Marca whose cover ran on a photo of Mourinho (about whose award there has been rather less anger, even though he got the nod ahead of Vicente del Bosque) and Messi. In the middle was a small picture of Sepp Blatter. The headline read: “Two Giants and One Anti-Spaniard”. The paper’s name was written in red and yellow. “This,” complained the cover, “is the flag the president of Fifa hates.”

Full article: http://redsports.sg/2011/01/12/lionel-messi-ballon-dor/


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