08 Aug '11, 7am

#Hiring Across #Generations @Inclusioneer #diversity #inclusion #employment

#Hiring Across #Generations @Inclusioneer #diversity #inclusion #employment

Naturally to tap diverse generations, HR has to think out of the box, design and customise recruitment strategies that match the requirements of the different generations.“There are many different generations to consider when recruiting Gen X, Y, Z and the new Gen C, which is the subset of Gen Y born between 1982 and 2001. The key difference here is that Gen C has grown up connected to the internet all the time. They are the digital generation and are exceptionally tech-savvy so attracting this group – which will grow exponentially over the next decade – is going to be a critical area of focus for us from a recruitment perspective,” Nada Buckley, Vice President, Human Resources, CA Technologies, Asia-Pacific and Japan, observes.

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