08 Aug '11, 8am

Ex Taiwanese spy held while touring North-east China

TAIPEI - CHINA held a retired Taiwanese intelligence agent for four months earlier this year after he arrived on the mainland as a tourist, a newspaper in Taipei reported on Monday. The retired agent, in his 60s and identified only by his surname Wu, was apprehended by mainland officials while travelling in north-east China in February, the United Daily News said. 'He was not allowed proper sleep and given no chance to rest well,' the paper said, citing one of Mr Wu's friends, who added he was not physically tortured. 'Few people can take such pressure. He lost a lot of weight,' his friend said.

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Cycling at East Coast!

Cycling at East Coast!

zoeraymond.com 16 Aug '11, 3pm

After which, we drove to Parkway to walk walk first cause the weather was a killer and cycling was out if the weather stay...