16 Aug '11, 10am

STOMP - Singapore

STOMP - Singapore

saw a group of boys egging on their school mate who was climbing up a pole at a basketball court. Said the STOMPer: "School boys risk their lives by climbing pole. "I was at Block 412 when I saw a few boys from sitting under a hut beside a badminton court. "One of the boys started to climb up a tall lamp pole. "I was shocked to see such behaviour from the boys. "I had expected them to be more mature."

Full article: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/what_bugs_...


Court Rules on Madoff Losses

thefinance.sg 17 Aug '11, 9am

Court Rules on Madoff Losses by Martin Lee on August 17, 2011 In an appeal ruling, the court has affirmed the method of de...

Australian court rules sperm donor not parent

straitstimes.com 17 Aug '11, 8am

SYDNEY (AFP) - An Australian court on Wednesday ruled that the name of a man who donated sperm to two lesbians should be r...

#Students in #uniform #smoke at void deck while playing with #fire

#Students in #uniform #smoke at void deck while...

singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg 15 Aug '11, 10am

Usually people won't care If they are not their children. These youngsters probably think it's cool to smoke and when they...

Back-to-school outfit

Back-to-school outfit

sheylara.com 16 Aug '11, 1pm

Since I’m going to be a student soon, I have an excuse to change my wardrobe again! :D Okay, not really. This probably won...